How to create the ideal education playroom

If you have the space, creating a playroom for your child is a great way of giving them their own area where they can spend time playing and getting creative. You don’t even need to dedicate a whole room to this purpose — any corner or nook of your home can be turned into a little person’s paradise.

Creating a playroom is also a great opportunity to add some educational elements to your kids’ playtime. And, you can do this easily by planning ahead and kitting out their space with options that encourage learning and creativity.

To help you out, we’ve put together some great ways to boost the educational qualities of your child’s playroom.

Give them space for creativity

Your child’s playroom should be a place where they can let their imaginations run wild, so you should aim to encourage this in as many ways as possible.

Setting up a writing station where they can write stories and draw pictures is a great idea — it also gives them a spot to do any homework. So, make sure they have access to somewhere they can sit down and let their ideas flow. Mothercare have a great selection of specially designed kids’ desks and tables that are ideal heights for small children to sit down and get inspired.

You can also encourage creativity by kitting your playroom out with some educational activity and colouring books that can teach skills and get their minds working.

Add educational elements

One of the best ways to boost your child’s learning is by adding educational elements to their playroom. While you don’t want to just recreate your child’s school at home, opting to incorporate a few things here and there can be beneficial.

Consider creating different zones dedicated to different activities, just like a classroom. If you don’t have much room, consider picking up a placement rug, like these ones from Rugs Direct, which are ideal for creating temporary areas for activities such as reading and interactive play.

Also, think about the toys you’re going to put into the room, taking care to select a few educational items to promote learning. STEM toys are an ideal choice for teaching essential science and maths skills: Made for Mum has a round-up of the 12 best toys on the market that’s well worth a read.

Educational playroom - stacking blocks

Go for a colourful, themed décor

To make your child’s playroom as appealing as possible and to encourage learning, it’s worth putting some thought into how you’re going to decorate with colour and a theme.

Choosing a shade for the walls and furnishings of the space is particularly important, as it can have a psychological impact on your little ones. For instance, picking a soft yellow colour can aid concentration, greens can aid reading comprehension and speed, and purple can be a creativity booster. There are colours to avoid in large doses as well, including red, which builds aggression, and bright yellow, which can promote restlessness and hyperactivity.

You may also want to think about choosing a particular theme for the playroom, especially if there’s something your kids really love. From dinosaur stencils to pink princess toy boxes, there are a tonne of ways to customise the room and make it into a magical space for your little ones. You can also work educational elements into the theme: so, whether you’re getting your child to count ponies on the wall or asking them to spell the name of a farmyard animal, be sure to consider this as well.

Choose storage options to teach tidying

Some important lessons fall outside the classroom, particularly teaching your child the importance of tidying up when they’ve made a bit of a mess. By investing in some storage options, like toy boxes, hanging baskets, book shelves, and rubbish bins, you can demonstrate to your little one how they need to clean up, then get them to practice each time they’re done playing.

If you’re creating a play space that doesn’t have a lot of room for dedicated toy storage, it might be worth choosing kids’ furniture that doubles up as a handy hideaway. For instance, these children’s ottomans from Just Ottomans can be used to keep toys nice and neat, as well as giving your little one somewhere comfy to sit.

Educational playroom - tidy playroom

Keep our advice in mind when you’re designing your kids’ new playroom and you’ll be able to create a space that’s both fun and educational. Good luck!