A Stocking Point

A picture of a family gathered around their Christmas stockings

Ever wondered about the festive tradition of Christmas stockings? We have the fascinating history—as well as personalised stockings for your whole family!

Christmas stockings are another of those Christmas traditions we just grow up with and never really think about the what, why or how.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. We do think about the what; what’s going to be in them on Christmas morning!

But when you pause for a moment and think about Christmas stockings properly, they really do become somewhat of an oddity.

A laughing stock

Just why do we fetch an article of clothing from our bedroom and hang it from the mantlepiece?

Have we just run out of space in the closet?

If it’s just about utilising an item of clothing to score as many presents as possible from a man in the night, why don’t we use a bigger garment? A trenchcoat perhaps—now that would hold a lot of loot!

Then there’s the bigger question of why we’re essentially encouraging a break-and-enter expert to slide down our chimneys. But that’s a whole other matter entirely.

So, just what is the history of the Christmas stocking? How did it start and why do we do it? Well, it’s a rather captivating little yarn!

A close-up picture of stockings on a mantlepiece

Time to take stock

The legend behind the custom of Christmas stockings as documented by the Smithsonian is actually quite unique and tied up with other festive traditions.

It involves Saint Nicholas—part of the inspiration for the mythos of Santa Claus—feeling charitable. Aware of the misfortune of a widower, Saint Nick helped out by depositing gold coins to his daughters inside their stockings, which were drying by the fire. Talk about a random act of kindness!

Then as the popularity of the story grew, so did the use of stockings by people in the hope that they would receive the same good fortune.

Nowadays, for parents unwilling to put their faith in a charitable bearded visitor at midnight, the Christmas stocking is one of the options for concealing the presents they’ve gathered prior to Christmas morning.

Best of all—and similar to Santa Sacks left under the tree—Christmas stockings are also an environmentally-friendly alternative to wrapping paper!

A picture of a mother and daughter at Christmas

Stock on you

Stockings have traditionally been labelled with each person’s name. Otherwise, how would Santa know which stocking to leave which present?

This means they’re a perfect item for Stuck On You personalisation! And you can bet your Christmas pudding we have done it!

We’re also big fans of their sustainability as opposed to wrapping paper! So, check out some of our personalised Christmas stockings below, then view the rest of our amazing Christmas range!

Then all you have to do is work out what you’ll fill them with…

A picture of several Stuck On You Christmas stockings

Does your family favour presents placed in stockings, under the Christmas tree, or maybe even both? Let us know in the comment section below!