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A picture showing a bunch of different Christmas recipes

We’ve got our top Christmas recipes you can practise in advance so that, when the day rolls around, you’ll stop Santa in his tracks.

Christmas recipes can be an aspect of the festive season that causes a sack full of grief for parents.

When there are so many things to organise—like presents for the kids and time with the family—cooking anything but the basics for hungry and tired kids can seem about as appealing as writing, directing and acting in a Christmas family pantomime.

However, with a little careful planning, you can turn Christmas food preparation from an unmitigated disaster into a Christmas miracle.

But, just how do you find time to plan anything for Christmas—let alone food? One fantastic way is simply to start your Christmas festivities earlier than you usually would. This can have lots of benefits, which we wrote about previously.

When it comes to food, there can be several advantages. It allows you the chance to research exactly what you want to make; but also creates opportunities to practise any Christmas recipes that may be a little more involved.

And so, with all of that in mind, we’re going to do all we can to help. We’ve collected our top five choices for kids’ festive treats. Read on to see what they are!


Bah-nana, humbug!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, if you want to get your kids off to a festive, fruity start, then this recipe is perfect.

From Taste of Home, this banana pancake snowman is cute, easy to make, and comes with a healthy dose of fruit in the form of banana in the batter—as well as a variety of berries for buttons and earmuffs!

A picture of a banana pancake snowman
Image: Taste of Home



With an emphasis on the colours of Christmas, green and red, this Christmas popcorn from Lil’ Luna is a great snacking option for get-togethers—or to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

With a simple base of popcorn that is covered primarily with M&Ms and candy canes, it is so easy even Rudolph could make it.

A picture of Christmas Popcorn
Image: Lil’ Luna


Let it snow, man

As long as you don’t have children who may be traumatised by the idea of a snowman who has encountered an unexpectedly warm day, then these melted snowman cookies will go down a treat.

From Land O’Lakes, the snow-meets-sun disasters are ingeniously simple in their design—but even more ingeniously effective in their cutesiness and, importantly, deliciousness.

A picture of melted snowman cookies
Image: Land O’Lakes


Strawberry Santas are coming to town

The winner of both the easiest-to-make and healthiest Christmas recipe goes to these un-berry-bly cute Strawberry Santas from Smart School House!

You need only three basic ingredients, a couple of household implements and, best of all, not much time. Before you know it, you’ll have a festive snack the kids are going to love.

A picture of Strawberry Santas
Image: Smart School House


All I want for Christmas is Rudolph brownies

It wouldn’t be a list of fun Christmas recipes without some kind of chocolate—and what better way to incorporate Christmas and chocolate than with these Rudolph Brownies from Your Cup of Cake?

With just a few simple additions to a regular brownie, kids of all ages will adore the result. And who knows? They might even help guide your sleigh at night.

A picture of reindeer brownies
Image: Your Cup of Cake


Are there any other must-do Christmas recipes you would add to our list? Let us know in the comment section below!