The Reindeering Champion

A picture of a reindeer for Christmas games

We all know that Christmas is the silly season. But with some thoughtful Christmas games, you and your kids can be anything but silly!

Christmas games are an excellent way to take the focus off all-consuming aspects of the festive season.

For starters, you may have children who are a little too fixated with the material side of the holiday. Giving them something else to put their energy into might just lessen their obsession with what they’re getting from Santa.

But indulging in some Christmas games may just have a positive benefit for you as well! It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed with all the organisation required around food and decorations. But by reconnecting with your kids over a simple activity, you may find that your anxieties and stresses melt away like a snowman left a little too close to the fireplace.

At Stuck On You, we love encouraging little ones to exercise their thoughtful side with Christmas games and activities—which is why we have both personalised Christmas Puzzles and Christmas Storybooks for that very reason!

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But we know just how much it can take to keep your little ones entertained over the festive season, so we’ve also compiled our top five Christmas games that you can do easily with the kids. Check them out below.



The first one from Stir the Wonder satisfies several important criteria: it’s easy and cheap to make, it recycles materials, and it has plenty of staying power in terms of maintaining children’s interest levels.

All you need are some used drink bottles, bits and pieces for decorating, and any kind of ball—and you’ve got the easiest and most ‘Christmasy’ ten-pin bowling game ever. How will it keep the kids captivated you ask? Well, they get to knock things down over and over again—something kids love to do!

A picture of a Christmas tree bowling game
Image: Stir the Wonder


Beanbag there, done that

From Positively Splendid, this game lets you and the kids indulge some creativity and some competitiveness. You can exercise your craft skills making the beanbags, while the kids utilise theirs to draw the Christmas tree scoring mat.

Then it’s simply throwing the beanbags onto the scoring mat to see who can get the highest total.

A picture of a Christmas beanbag toss game
Image: Positively Splendid


Tic of approval

This one if courtesy of iSaveAtoZ and also involves a little bit of handiwork. But the good thing is that it’s super simple and can go anywhere!

Any kind of hessian bag serves as the basis for this DIY Tic Tac Toe game. Just add some paint and then you’ve got your game board. Items like ornaments serve as the game pieces, and you can transport everything in the bag to make it portable.

A picture of a Christmas tic tac toe game
Image: iSaveAtoZ


Carrot stick

Activity Village has a festive spin on the old favourite Pin the Tail on the Donkey. While a donkey is probably still an appropriate thing to be pinning things to at Christmas time, they’ve gone for a more secular variation with Pin the Carrot on the Snowman.

All you need for this one is your best Snowman drawing, scissors to cut out separate carrots, a blindfold, and an adhesive to carry out the rhinoplasty!

A picture of a snowman game
Image: Activity Village


Last word is…

Our final option from A Girl and a Glue Gun requires no resources whatsoever! It’s simply a Christmas game of charades. You will probably need your children to be a little older for this to work, but you can use simpler options for younger participants.

And if you can’t think of your own selections then the link has free printable cards! There are even other easy games you can print or copy at home.

A picture of a Christmas charades game
Image: A Girl and a Glue Gun


What Christmas games do you enjoy playing with your little ones during the festive season? Let us know in the comment section below!