How to reach dizzying heights with our personalised Children’s Height Charts

A picture of two kids with children's height charts

Children’s height charts are perfect for tracking the growth of your little ones, and a beautiful keepsake for when they tower over you later in life.

Children’s height charts are the contemporary equivalent of those moments when you were young and dragged unsuspectingly to the nearest wall for some bizarre ritual. Resistance was frivolous as the top of your head touched the surprisingly cold ruler, used in conjunction with a decades-old piece of chalk.

Then, there it was—as plain as day—your latest height measurement, recorded for all to witness.

Tracking the height of a child is a rite of passage for most parents. They marvel at the top of their little ones’ heads gradually becoming the thing they’re craning their necks to see.

This phenomenon has occurred since the beginning of time. But, thankfully, it no longer requires graffiti on cave walls, garages, pantries or walk-in wardrobes. Stuck On You has gorgeous Children’s Height Charts that have ‘taken over’.

The height factor

But what is it exactly that determines the height of our kids? Genetics is responsible for about 80% of a person’s height, but it is not the only attribute.

Other factors influence just how quickly your little bundles of joy become your go-to for when you need something from the top shelf. Gender is the other obvious one, with males tending to be taller than females. But things like hormones and nutrition also play a part.

A height bulb moment

While there isn’t a whole lot we can do to influence the height of our kids (thanks, genetics!), we can play a small role.

By promoting healthy practices and getting them into good habits, kids’ overall health will benefit. Who knows, you may even raise a high-jump champion or two.

A consistent sleep routine will help, as will lots of regular exercise. Most important though is diet, and another great reason to stock up their Bentos with lots of nutritious goodies!

A picture of different Children's Height Charts

Highs and lows

With the anxiety and awkwardness of growing up, plenty of children struggle with some sort of embarrassment about their height, whether too tall or too short, during development.

As adults, we know these kinds of feeling will pass in time. But for kids, being the last one picked for the basketball game, not being tall enough to ride a rollercoaster, or constantly being asked “what’s the air pressure like up there?” can be pretty traumatic.

There are online resources targeted at kids like KidsHealth that can help to allay some concerns for children. Ultimately though, you just need to be there for your kids. Maybe show them a movie where ‘the little guy’ triumphs? We suggest A Bug’s Life and The Karate Kid as excellent starting points!

Charting a new course

The perfect way to encourage kids about their height—no matter its extent or lack thereof—is to illustrate their progress with a beautiful children’s height chart.

We have a huge range of high-quality canvas Height Charts that come in a variety of designs and styles. Best of all, you can personalise a Stuck On You Height Chart with your child’s name and birthdate!

A picture of different Children's Height Charts

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