The essential Stuck On You products you need no matter the season

A picture of two children enjoying the different changing seasons

Whether it’s the transition from hot to cold or vice versa, everyone has to readjust at this time of year with the changing seasons. Wherever you are, our products will help.

The world is a pretty upside-down place at the moment. With the impact of COVID-19, we’re all adjusting to a new normal: working from home, not seeing our loved ones as frequently as we’d like, and filling the sport-shaped void in our lives with the surprisingly addictive marble racing (seriously, check it out).

But as human beings, we’re resilient when things are upside-down (just look at the kids from Stranger Things). Even the world’s two hemispheres function on a premise of upside-down, where one half is in the complete opposite season to the other.

We’re all going through a stark change of seasons right now. In Australia and New Zealand, we’ve started turning up the heaters and wearing unfashionable footwear as winter begins; whereas our northern hemisphere neighbours are preparing for the warmth to return.

And that’s one of the great things about Stuck On You. We’re all one, even when we’re different—and we’ve got products to help no matter where you are in the world and whatever temperature you’re experiencing.

The seasons they are a-changin’

Aside from a complete wardrobe reset, the main area we all have to readjust as the seasons change is with food.

So, while we may not be able to comment on which fedora suits you best for the season (although we can help with labelling it), we can provide great product options to make children’s food preparation, storage and enjoyment as seamless as possible.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re in places like Australia or New Zealand, bunkering down for the cold; or in the USA or UK, shedding layers like there’s no tomorrow—our products are great for every season and in every aspect of the upside-down (although not so handy with a Mind Flayer).

A picture of a selection of Stuck On You labels

A spring in your prep

When you’re trying to convince kids to eat food that’s good for them, the season is basically an afterthought. You just want something that is healthy—and they just want something that is fun!

Well, our Bento Accessories Box Set is the perfect way to make food heaps of fun! For summer, there are Shaped Cutters and Stencils for funky fruit and cool sandwiches; while in Winter there are Silicone Cups and Food Presses for hot food like boiled eggs and yummy muffins!

A photo of Bento Accessories that can be used to make shaped food

From point-A to point-eat

What’s the point of prepping that awesome food if your kids can’t get it to school, kinder or daycare? Luckily, we’ve got you covered there too and for every temperature.

Whether it’s for hot or cold, our Food Jar is the perfect option to keep food at the desired temperature, whether it’s something warm like pasta or cool like fruit. Our classic and best-selling Bento Box is also an ideal travel companion for food. With leakproof compartments, an airtight silicone seal and sturdy clips, it will keep all manner of nuts, fruit, vegetables, pasta, sandwiches, wraps and snacks fresh and crisp.

A picture of a three open SOY Bentos

Time to accessorise

Now that you’ve got the food made and safely with your kids to wherever they’re going, they’ll need some way to eat it, right? Enter the Stuck On You Cutlery Set, which comes with a personalised and extendable fork and spoon held in a strong carry case.

Finish that off with a Drink Bottle and you’ve got everything they need for a completely portable mealtime no matter the weather, and no matter just how upside-down the world is!

A picture of the Stuck On You Cutlery Set

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