1995–2020: twenty-five years and oh how we’ve grown!

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Happy birthday to us! It’s time for a trip down memory lane as we see where it all began and celebrate turning twenty-five years young!

Generally, a quarter-life crisis is considered just that … a crisis. But for Stuck On You, we’re embracing our twenty-five-year milestone with gusto!

That’s right, during the month of May in 2020, we are having our twenty-fifth birthday! And there won’t be any talk of denying our age or blaring It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to through the speakers. We want to celebrate this birthday and we want to invite you along for the ride.

Over the course of the month, we’ll be remembering how it all started and how we got here! Best of all, we’ll also be offering a 25 per cent discount across the entire site for the month of May!

The only catch is that it wouldn’t be a birthday without a little speech. So, settle in as we recount a fascinating little yarn…

A picture of the SOY website from 1998
The Stuck On You website, circa 1998

Sticking together: the Stuck On You story

Twenty-five years ago, Stuck On You was just a twinkle in the eye of Carrie Felton, mother and entrepreneur.

She saw an opportunity to create personalised labels for children so they wouldn’t lose their stuff—and parents wouldn’t lose their minds.

The genesis came from a single label design idea. Carrie printed her son’s name, accompanied by an image of his absolute favourite thing in the world: an aeroplane.

Now, even though he couldn’t read his name, he sure knew what his aeroplane looked like. He never lost his stuff again and, much like that aeroplane, the concept truly took off.

Over two decades later—and with a huge range of practical and quality products, a plethora of designs, and countless options to make products that are truly individual—Stuck On You has gone sky high!

From that first little aeroplane label for Carrie’s son, Stuck On You has been on quite a journey. And it’s only the beginning…

A picture of the SOY website from 2014
The Stuck On You website, circa 2014

A worldwide reach

One of the proudest achievements of the Stuck On You family is the scope of the business. The head office is based in Geelong, Australia—and has been for a very long time—but our customer base now spans 127 countries across the entire globe.

This is particularly significant for Stuck On You in 2020, as the world continues to reel from the coronavirus pandemic.

We feel the impact both in our own country and for our global neighbours. Never has our philosophy of sticking together been more poignant for us, and as we mostly all work from home in isolation, we remain steadfast in sticking together as a business, but also as a family.

As Stuck On You finds a little bit of joy from its twenty-five-year milestone during these hard times, we wish everyone health, safety and happiness.

We’re thinking of you all, and if you’re also celebrating a birthday in isolation, make sure you at least have a piece of cake—we’re certainly going to!

A picture of the SOY website from 2020
The Stuck On You website, 2020

Do you have any memories from the past twenty-five years of Stuck On You? We’d love to hear about them! Get in touch with us on Facebook.