The Master Planner

A picture of a child writing to test digital vs paper planners

Paper planners vs digital? Here’s why technology isn’t always more effective than old-school stationery options. Nowadays we do pretty much everything on some kind of electronic device. Case-in-point: reading this article. Okay, maybe you printed it off, but that took TWO electronic devices—only proving the point further. Whether watching a series, doing the banking or […]

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Photo Synthesis

A picture of a child with a toy camera enjoying World Photo Day

World Photo Day is a fantastic incentive to get any child into photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While that didn’t really fly back in high school when we tried to submit a headshot of Shakespeare for an English essay—it really is true. World Photo Day is all about celebrating the […]

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A picture of a child sitting in the grass and thinking about National Science Week

National Science Week is on right now in Australia! Here are five easy science experiments for kids using stuff you already have at home. It’s National Science Week, and if the words “science experiments for kids” strike fear in your heart and a desire to curl up into a ball, then you’re not alone. We […]

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Swish—Nothing but Netflix!

A picture of a remote control choosing from the top ten Netflix options

Our top ten Netflix options for kids of all ages (including the big kids). We’ve all been there before: that time of day when the kids are acting like maniacs; grabbing at you and throwing things around the house like they’re competing in the javelin at the Olympics. All you want is just a little […]

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Want to raise a kick-butt STEM chick? Here’s how!

Today is International Women’s Day. While it’s important to celebrate the amazing achievements that have brought us closer to achieving true gender equality, it is equally – if not more – important to reflect upon what still needs to be done. One area in which women are falling behind men is participation in STEM. So, […]

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Have you met the latest emojis?

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we are pleased to introduce you to the latest slew of emojis. The following emojis were released on 5 June 2018, which was the date that companies could start adding them to all compatible devices. If you can’t see the new emojis yet, you will soon. That is, unless you […]

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5 Apps to Get Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors

Whether we like it or not, kids are growing up surrounded by technology. They depend on it for entertainment, education, and social interaction. It might seem we have to beg them to spend time outdoors. You know what they say about your enemies: if you can’t beat them, join them. We’ve put together a list […]

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10 Must See Movies for Mums


What generates more discussion than 10 Must Read Books for Mums? 10 must see movies for mums. Again we asked the fabulous folk on our Facebook Page and, as always, they proved themselves to be a most valuable resource. So, here it is, our top 10 Must See Movies for Mums (and a few honourable mentions […]

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A Year of Stuck on You Kids on Instagram

Kids on instagram

We have loved our customers and bloggers sharing pics of their kids enjoying their Stuck on You products on Instagram over 2013. Our whole team from Design and IT through to Customer Service, Management, Production and Dispatch have a hand in producing our products and get a huge kick out of seeing their hard work […]

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