The busy parent’s quick guide to Hey Duggee™

A picture of the Hey Duggee characters for the Hey Duggee guide

If you’re wondering why the little one in your life wants to join something called The Squirrel Club, then you need our quick Hey Duggee guide. We’ve got the insight into this hugely popular BBC kids’ cartoon, as well as all the cool gear now available at Stuck On You! We recently revealed our quick […]

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The busy parent’s quick guide to Bluey™

A picture of Bluey jumping

Are you a parent, grandparent, cool uncle, hip aunt, nanny or carer of a child obsessed with Bluey? Here’s everything you need to know with our quick Bluey guide. Plus, all the Stuck On You gear featuring the famous blue heeler! Bluey is the coolest kids’ cartoon going around. It’s hilarious, sweet and incredibly astute […]

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The origins of personalisation and why it’s so beneficial

A picture with a timeline of personalisation

Personalisation has been around for as long as people have, and in the modern world, it has plenty of advantages. You may not realise it, but we’re living in the age of personalisation. Netflix suggesting movies you’ve already been thinking about watching? Personalisation. Your salon sending you a $10 voucher for your birthday? Personalisation. Or […]

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More of our favourite books for kids of all ages

A picture of a young girl sitting in the grass reading one of SOY's favourite books

Even in the modern world of limitless technology, there are still few activities that provide the benefits for kids that reading does. At Stuck On You, one of the things we’re passionate about is helping families to raise happy and healthy kids. We know a big part of that is physical health that can be […]

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Celebrating Stuck On You families for our 25th birthday!

A picture of lots of Stuck On You families

Our twenty-fifth birthday celebrations are sadly drawing to a close, and so we want to take a moment to thank our beloved Stuck On You families. The cake is all but eaten and the balloons are almost out of air. Our twenty-fifth birthday party is finally coming to an end and we’re definitely going to […]

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Embracing the new normal: more positive lessons in the post-lockdown world

A picture of a parent and child embracing positive lessons in post-lockdown life

In the second instalment of a two-part piece, we find even more silver linings that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic. In a previous blog, we covered how we could use some of the positive lessons arising from the tragic COVID-19 pandemic in order to make the world a nicer place. Part two of […]

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How the Bento revolution has transformed children’s mealtimes forever

A picture of Stuck On You Bento boxes that are part of the bento revolution

As we continue our month of celebrating the Stuck On You twenty-fifth anniversary, we look under the hood of one of our most popular products: the Bento Lunchbox. You’d be forgiven for thinking that packing a school lunch for your kids would be pretty straightforward. A peanut butter sandwich here and an apple there. Throw […]

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Stuck On You interviews amazing mothers: part two

A picture of the mothers day interview part two banner

It’s the second and final part of our series celebrating Mother’s Day 2020, and we have the rest of our amazing mothers interview! Last week, we spoke with Emma Hawkins and Sophie Vine about their lives as mothers, and this week we’ve got even more fantastic insight into what motherhood looks like in 2020. In […]

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1995–2020: twenty-five years and oh how we’ve grown!

A picture of the Stuck On You celebrates 25 years hero image

Happy birthday to us! It’s time for a trip down memory lane as we see where it all began and celebrate turning twenty-five years young! Generally, a quarter-life crisis is considered just that … a crisis. But for Stuck On You, we’re embracing our twenty-five-year milestone with gusto! That’s right, during the month of May […]

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