The best of Stuck On You in 2020!

A picture of two children jumping in the air about the best of 2020 from Stuck On You

The past twelve months won’t be remembered too fondly by many. But we’re eternal optimists, so we’ve got the best of Stuck On You from 2020! You don’t need us to tell you 2020 has sucked. Like, being-awoken-in-the-middle-of-the-night-by-a-crying-baby type of sucked. So, we’re here to highlight a few good things that happened with the best […]

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Our favourite family-friendly Halloween movies

A picture of some family-friendly halloween pumpkins

Putting together a playlist of flicks for a not-quite-so-scary fright night? These are some of our favourite family-friendly Halloween movies. Halloween is usually about trick or treating in your local neighbourhood or celebrating at a costume party. This year will have to be more of a home event though, and so we’ve compiled some awesome […]

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Easy slime recipes for Halloween at home

A picture of the blog header for easy slime recipes

Stuck at home this Halloween? We’ve found three easy slime recipes to keep your little ghouls entertained! Halloween is just around the corner and you’d be forgiven for wanting to skip it this year with how scary 2020 has already been. But kids love this holiday and so we’ve found some easy slime recipes for […]

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Celebrating fathers with our choices for the best animated dads

A picture of Bandit playing with Bluey and Bingo

Father’s Day is remarkably different this year to ever before. Because of the need for a little joy, we thought an escape from reality was in order with some of the best animated dads. Plus, we have another surprise for you too! For Father’s Day last year, we had a look at some of the […]

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Stuck On You customers’ best Bluey™ episodes

A picture of Bluey and Bingo enjoying the best Bluey episodes

We had such a terrific response to our best Bluey episodes, we thought it only fair to hear about yours! Previously, we have shared some of our favourite Bluey episodes and, in the process, confirmed how hard it is to pinpoint only a few! We knew it would help to go to the experts for […]

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Busy kids make for happy kids … and even happier parents!

A picture of a happy child showing why it's great to have busy kids

We’ve been adding more free activities to our website, so you can always have busy kids with lots to do! Check out some of the new additions. No parents want children who have nothing to do. Ever. They value their quiet-time and sanity too much. They know that only good things come from having busy […]

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Stuck On You’s favourite Hey Duggee™ episodes

A picture of favourite Hey Duggee episodes

Favourite Hey Duggee episodes are hard to pick because there are just so many great ones to choose from! But we’ve worked together like The Squirrel Club and made our selection. We’ve completed the incredibly difficult task of choosing our favourite episodes of Bluey. Now, we’re undertaking the similarly challenging scenario of picking our favourite […]

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Stuck On You’s favourite Bluey™ episodes

A picture of favourite Bluey episodes

Choosing favourite Bluey episodes is about as easy as picking favourite Stuck On You products. Check out our selections and see if you agree! In case you couldn’t tell, we’re huge fans of Bluey! And in case you didn’t know, it’s also really hard to narrow down your favourite Bluey episodes. Who are we kidding? […]

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The busy parent’s quick guide to Hey Duggee™

A picture of the Hey Duggee characters for the Hey Duggee guide

If you’re wondering why the little one in your life wants to join something called The Squirrel Club, then you need our quick Hey Duggee guide. We’ve got the insight into this hugely popular BBC kids’ cartoon, as well as all the cool gear now available at Stuck On You! We recently revealed our quick […]

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The busy parent’s quick guide to Bluey™

A picture of Bluey jumping

Are you a parent, grandparent, cool uncle, hip aunt, nanny or carer of a child obsessed with Bluey? Here’s everything you need to know with our quick Bluey guide. Plus, all the Stuck On You gear featuring the famous blue heeler! Bluey is the coolest kids’ cartoon going around. It’s hilarious, sweet and incredibly astute […]

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