Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 with our Exclusive New Bento and Card!

A picture of the SOY Mother's Day Bento

Mother’s Day 2020 has taken on a strange complexion with the difficulties the world is facing. But even if you can’t visit or celebrate together, you can still spoil your mother with our exclusive new Bento and Card! Celebrating mothers is a unique experience for every one of us. Although with the difficulties of COVID-19 […]

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Prank snacks for kids that are healthy and fun

A picture of a girl being silly for April Fool's Day

Trying to make your kids’ healthy snacks just a little more entertaining? Try these on for size! Healthy snacks aren’t always the easiest thing to encourage kids to eat. But with a little creativity, you can get them eating nutritious food and have a bit of fun with them as well. After all, your kids […]

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Lunch of the Irish

A picture of a child excited about St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is the perfect way to get your kids eating their greens. Here are our top five healthy kids’ recipes to celebrate the annual Irish holiday. St Patrick’s Day is, let’s face it, a day that brings excitement to adults more than kids. For most of us, it’s an excuse for a few […]

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The Whole Boxing Day and Dice

A picture of two kids in boxes for boxing day

We’ve got the stories behind why the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. Not to mention the box your kids shouldn’t be without! Boxing Day is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Especially as we haven’t even crossed Christmas off the list yet. Or maybe it’s the first thing on […]

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A Stocking Point

A picture of a family gathered around their Christmas stockings

Ever wondered about the festive tradition of Christmas stockings? We have the fascinating history—as well as personalised stockings for your whole family! Christmas stockings are another of those Christmas traditions we just grow up with and never really think about the what, why or how. Actually, that’s not entirely true. We do think about the […]

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The Reindeering Champion

A picture of a reindeer for Christmas games

We all know that Christmas is the silly season. But with some thoughtful Christmas games, you and your kids can be anything but silly! Christmas games are an excellent way to take the focus off all-consuming aspects of the festive season. For starters, you may have children who are a little too fixated with the […]

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The Blair Which Project

A picture showing a classic Halloween custom

Ever wondered which Halloween custom you are? Well, ‘fear’ no more with our latest quiz! Every Halloween custom is as curious as the holiday itself. In fact, the whole event can seem so remarkably ghoulish that you might wonder if it’s something kids should be partaking in at all. Pretending to be all manner of […]

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We Wish You a Merry Quizmas!

There are plenty of Christmas personality types that contribute to a fun and festive family Christmas holiday period. Find out yours with our Christmas quiz! Christmas quiz time! “What? Are you crazy?” we hear you cry! “Christmas is ages away. I’m still recovering from Easter.” Two things: firstly, that must be one hell of an […]

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Santa’s Little Helpers

A picture of mini Santas made from creative kids' Christmas activities

We’ve compiled our top kids’ Christmas activities to help make the upcoming festive season more fun for your whole family! Kids’ Christmas activities. Is there a phrase in the festive vernacular that could possibly inspire more fear and dread for parents? “Time for the Christmas family photo” might rank pretty highly as well—but we still […]

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A Dinosure Thing

A picture of a dinosaur statue for the Stuck On You dinosaur quiz

Have you been trying to decide which prehistoric behemoth you are most like? Find out your spirit dinosaur with the Stuck On You dinosaur quiz! In a previous blog, we examined why your kids are SO obsessed with dinosaurs. Now it’s time to take things a step further with a dinosaur quiz tailored to your […]

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