Sun, Surf and Sandwiches

A child running on a beach to find beach recipes

Grab a brand-new Turkish Towel or Poncho, get comfortable on the beach, and indulge in one of our top five beach recipes. Beach recipes sound like the sort of idea someone who’s never had kids would invent. Who can fathom a day-trip involving sun, surf and sand coupled with any kind of food preparation? Well, […]

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The Three ’Slaws of Robotics

A picture of a robot pancake for great robot recipes

Do you have a child who’s into robots? We’ve got the best robot recipes you can use to keep all the cogs turning. Robot recipes may be just what you need if you have a child who’s into cyborgs, androids and all other kinds of mechanical beings. After all, you may as well take their […]

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Pieces of Ate

A picture of healthy pirate recipes

Do you have a child obsessed with pirates? Then we’ve got our top five healthy pirate recipes for your little swashbuckler! Healthy pirate recipes is probably not a phrase that was thrown around too much with actual pirates. Presumably, they were too busy steering their ships through rough seas or digging up buried treasure to […]

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The Ghostess with the Mostest

A picture of some cookies made from healthy Halloween recipes.

We’ve gathered the best spooky but healthy Halloween recipes you and the kids can stir up together in your nearest cauldron. Healthy Halloween recipes are a nightmarishly-specific culinary expertise that—when it comes to entertaining the kids on October 31—is frightfully necessary. Halloween is generally a holiday overloaded with chocolate, candy, or whatever ingredient convinced Linus […]

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Reci-peace on Earth

A picture showing a bunch of different Christmas recipes

We’ve got our top Christmas recipes you can practise in advance so that, when the day rolls around, you’ll stop Santa in his tracks. Christmas recipes can be an aspect of the festive season that causes a sack full of grief for parents. When there are so many things to organise—like presents for the kids […]

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The Mane Course

A picture of a cake made from unicorn recipes

Facing the surreal scenario of making unicorn-themed food? Never fear, we’ve got the top five unicorn recipes we could find! Unicorn recipes. Probably not something you ever predicted you’d need to know about. But as life chugs along, you start to reach a few realisations: things are just a little different to before you had […]

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Pet Symmetry

A picture of a child with family pets

RSPCA Cupcake Day is next Monday, August 19. To celebrate, we’re looking at how family pets can greatly influence your child’s development now and into the future. The RSPCA’s annual Cupcake Day is on August the 19th and is aimed at raising funds to fight animal cruelty. In honour of this fantastic initiative, we’re channelling […]

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Like Giving Candy To A Baby

A picture of grapes

From cotton candy grapes to bubbleberries, here are some fun ways to get your kids eating more fruit and veg. Grapes that taste like fairy floss and mini cucumbers that taste (slightly) like lemon. No, you’re not dreaming. These exist and make for great options if you want to expand your fruit and veg horizons. […]

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Dough Re Mi

A picture of a donut for donut day

It’s National Donut Day this Friday! And before you ask, yes, you can get donuts for free. National Donut Day. We promise it’s a real thing. In an age where we are all becoming far more conscious of what we’re eating—which, don’t get us wrong, is a very good thing—it’s comforting to know there is […]

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The Winter’s Circle

A picture of a child cooking winter food

The best winter food options you can pack into your children’s lunchboxes. If you’re thinking it’s getting harder to get your children up in the morning, you’re probably right. The colder months are looming large, and the task of exiting the comfort and security of a toasty warm bed is becoming more unwelcome for all […]

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