Transforming nutritious food for kids from a pipe dream into a reality

A picture showing lots of nutritious food for kids

We take a look at the objectives of Australia’s National Nutrition Week, along with easy ways to make nutritious food for kids appealing in your house. It’s National Nutrition Week in Australia and it got us thinking, funnily enough, about nutritious food for kids. What are the odds! There’s plenty of nutritious food for kids […]

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Create a different kind of pet food with these healthy animal-themed snacks!

A picture of several pet food recipes

Are your kids missing friends as they spend more time at home? Inspire friendships with animal companions using these fun pet food snacks. Pets have had plenty of recognition lately. August saw International Dog Day, while all of September is Happy Cat Month! People adopting pets has also soared in popularity during COVID-19 to help […]

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Take your Bento for a trip around the world with our School Lunchbox Dad

A picture of George Georgievski and his international Bentos

In an exclusive interview, we chat with the School Lunchbox Dad, George Georgievski, about international lunchbox inspiration for kids stuck at home! With the ongoing pandemic across the world, it’s hard enough to get the kids outside, let alone any further abroad. We’re all suddenly leading very insular and localised lives. But for children growing […]

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Family Easter recipes that are (mostly) healthy

A picture of SOY's favourite Easter Recipes

Easter can easily descend into a chocolate fest, but with the current situation of home isolation, it’s an opportunity to get creative and make it a fun day of cooking for the whole family! Easter isn’t really about cooking elaborate recipes. It’s about chocolate eggs, bunnies and hot cross buns. Oh, and time with the […]

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Prank snacks for kids that are healthy and a little bit cheeky

A picture of a girl being silly with prank snacks

Trying to make your kids’ healthy food just a little more entertaining? Try these prank snacks on for size! Healthy snacks aren’t always the easiest thing to encourage kids to eat. But with a little creativity, you can turn them into prank snacks that will get them eating nutritious food and having a bit of […]

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Lunch of the Irish

A picture of a child excited about St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is the perfect way to get your kids eating their greens. Here are our top five healthy kids’ recipes to celebrate the annual Irish holiday. St Patrick’s Day is, let’s face it, a day that brings excitement to adults more than kids. For most of us, it’s an excuse for a few […]

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Love at First Bite

A picture of Berries arranged for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got our top five healthy recipes to get your kids into the spirit of love. Valentine’s Day is a peculiar holiday. While the modern custom is seemingly all about flowers, sentiment and unrealistic romantic comedies—its actual history comes with plenty of scandals when one really starts […]

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Sun, Surf and Sandwiches

A child running on a beach to find beach recipes

Make yourself comfortable on the sand and indulge in some of our favourite food for themed beach recipes. Beach recipes sound like something a person who’s never had kids would invent. Who can fathom a day-trip involving sun, surf and sand coupled with any kind of food preparation? Well, don’t worry. We’re not suggesting anything […]

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The Shaped Crusader

A photo of Bento Accessories that can be used to make shaped food

We’ve got the best recipes to make shaped food for your little ones with our fantastic new Bento Accessories Box Set! Shaped food is a great way to get into your kids’ good books—and helps perform a masterful act of deception when you’re trying to get them to eat what they might otherwise not (in […]

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The Mealtime of Your Life

A picture of cupcake trays for fun mealtime preparation

With the launch of our brand new Bento Accessories Box Set, we’re taking a look at all the ways you can make mealtime preparation with kids fun! Mealtime preparation can take on several possible forms. There’s the picture-perfect image you’re going to see in lifestyle magazines—the one where parents and kids coexist side by side […]

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