How to incorporate more colour for your Easter celebration!

Every year, the beginning of April marks the time for Easter season. Whether you celebrate Easter by decorating eggs, spending time with family, or filling up on candy, this holiday is a great way to welcome a change of weather with a smile. As you begin planning your Easter celebration, be sure to embrace all […]

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The best Easter egg hunt hiding spots that will trick the most avid of hunters

In 2019, Easter will fall later in the calendar year than usual – April 20th. This means… more time to prepare for the big Easter Egg Hunt! Easter was almost three weeks earlier last year so I was caught unprepared. My last-minute Easter egg hiding efforts basically involved me throwing them up in the air […]

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12 Easter facts that will blow your mind


Happy Easter! Here are some fun Easter facts that you can throw around today at Aunt Agnes’ Easter lunch or to placate crying children who can’t find as many Easter eggs as their siblings. 1. The world’s largest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011 and weighed 7,200 kg. 2. In the US, […]

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Hilarious Easter-themed April Fool’s Day pranks to play on your kids

This year, April Fool’s Day falls on Easter Sunday. Take advantage of this lucky coincidence and mesh together Easter festivities with a dash of cheek. For the sake of Easter, I’ve suppressed my mean streak and stuck to finding pranks that are not too cruel (even though the thought of Brussel sprouts Easter eggs makes […]

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The bizarre and the beautiful – Easter traditions from around the world

Kids with Easter baskets

Ahh, Easter. Bunnies, chocolate, hot cross buns, ain’t nothing wrong with that. But if you’re curious about how Easter is celebrated around the world, or looking for ideas for a twist or escape from the usual chocolate and bunny caper, here is some inspiration. FLYING KITES – BERMUDA Good Friday in Bermuda sees people flying […]

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Easy Easter crafts and free printables!

Free Easter Cone Printable

Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day have come and gone. So what do you focus your energies on now? I suppose you could just relax or something… But for the ambitious among us, there’s Easter to look forward to. More than any other special occasion, it’s a time we can get our craft on. The […]

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Pancake Pornucopia


Today is Pancake Day Eve and we are celebrating by bringing you some pancake inspiration. But they’re not just easy on the eyes, these babies are also tasty and make-able. Pancake donuts (or donut pancakes) What happens when a pancake and a donut love each other very much? Repeatedly. This! This recipe, by Cooking Classy, involves […]

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11 Yummy Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs

11 Yummy Uses For Leftover Easter Eggs

This Easter , our Easter Egg hunt was way over-catered. I bought mini caramel filled chocolate Easter Eggs and so did about 10 other parents. After sharing a few bags with parents I still found myself with 5 bags of mini Easter Eggs. So, ‘what’s the problem?’, I hear you ask. Well sure, I can […]

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4 Recipes with Easter Eggs

Now that is Easter is over it means there’s chocolate, and lots of it! I know in my house we never have the problem of uneaten chocolate but many people I know seem to be finding leftover Easter eggs and bunnies months later. At Stuck on You HQ we have been talking about ways to […]

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