Why, Robot?

A picture of kids and robots

We’ve got our thoughts on why kids and robots are like peas in a pod; plus our top five perfect cyborg friends for your little ones! Kids and robots pretty much go hand-in-hand. Or is that hand-in-piston? Hand-in-cog? Well, whatever it is, it’s hard to find a child that isn’t going to at least have […]

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Return to Santa

A picture of a mailbox awaiting a Santa letter

Has your child given you a Santa letter to post? Here’s a quick history of the custom and how to get a personalised reply! A Santa letter is a Christmas tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. Yet it still seems immensely popular with young children today. But it’s somewhat of a festive […]

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’Tis the Season to be Sustainable

A picture of a Santa sack for a sustainable Christmas

We’ve got a few great tips and some fantastic products to help you celebrate an environmentally-conscious and sustainable Christmas. A sustainable Christmas sounds like the kind of wet blanket idea Ebeneezer Scrooge would bring to the table when the festive season rolls around. He’d be there stopping you from turning on the Christmas lights as […]

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Sail the Seven ABCs

A picture of a child looking through a telescope because he has a pirate fascination

Do you have a child with a pirate fascination? We’ve got the reasons why it’s a good thing—as well as a few great swashbucklers to tackle the seven seas with. Pirate fascination is another one of those obsessive phases that all kids seem to go through at some point in their development. Without any word […]

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The Early Sleigh Catches the Worm

A close-up picture of a baby in a Santa hat who has enjoyed starting Christmas early

Is there such a thing as kicking off the festive season too soon? We look at what to consider if you’re contemplating starting Christmas early. Starting Christmas early is seemingly an idea that only the largest department stores in the world implement. For the rest of us, it can be a little difficult to get […]

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Orientation Express

A picture of a mother comforting a child who is starting school

Do you have little ones who are starting school, preschool or childcare? Here’s some handy advice to help everyone survive. Starting school, preschool or childcare is a momentous occasion for both kids and parents. It’s quite possibly the first situation where they’ll have an extended period of time away from you; making sure they’re ready […]

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A picture of Stuck On You Flash Cards

A deck of flash cards is one of the best ways to start your child’s learning journey. We’ve got a ‘newsflash’ to explain why. Flash cards may sound a bit old-school in today’s device-obsessed landscape. Children are born into a world where we’re all genetically attached to our phones—so it only makes sense to favour […]

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The Unicorn Identity

A picture of a young girl dressed up that shows why kids adore unicorns so much.

Contemplating why your kids adore unicorns so much? We’ve got insight for you that is totally ‘on point’. Is there anything trendier than unicorns? The answer is both resounding and about as emphatic as a horn stuck to your head. No, there is absolutely nothing trendier than these fabled horses—and absolutely no question as to […]

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Tyrannosaurus Rep.

A picture of a child demonstrating why kids love dinosaurs

Ever wondered why your kids love dinosaurs so much? Here’s why the astounding creatures will never really be extinct in their eyes. Kids love dinosaurs: it’s a fact. It’s one of those phases that every child seems to go through at some point—and if you’re Ross from Friends—never goes away. If it’s not too long […]

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The Ball’s in Their Court

A picture of a child supporting sports teams

Are your kids into supporting sports teams? We’ve got a few great tips to make sure they do so in a healthy and respectful way. For most of us, watching sport and supporting sports teams is a huge part of our lives. We’re passionate, committed and a little insane about it—and with competitions on all […]

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