Your free back-to-school checklist and must-have personalisation essentials

A picture of a back-to-school checklist

It’s easy to forget a thing or two when sending the kids back to school. Cross off all the essentials with our free back-to-school checklist! It’s official—the 2020 holiday season hoopla is over (as much as anyone could have a hoopla about that nappy rash of a year). Festive celebrations are done and the New […]

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Transforming nutritious food for kids from a pipe dream into a reality

A picture showing lots of nutritious food for kids

We take a look at the objectives of Australia’s National Nutrition Week, along with easy ways to make nutritious food for kids appealing in your house. It’s National Nutrition Week in Australia and it got us thinking, funnily enough, about nutritious food for kids. What are the odds! There’s plenty of nutritious food for kids […]

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How to reach dizzying heights with our personalised Children’s Height Charts

A picture of two kids with children's height charts

Children’s height charts are perfect for tracking the growth of your little ones, and a beautiful keepsake for when they tower over you later in life. Children’s height charts are the contemporary equivalent of those moments when you were young and dragged unsuspectingly to the nearest wall for some bizarre ritual. Resistance was frivolous as […]

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Our quick and easy Iron-On Labels guide

A picture of an iron and labels for the SOY Iron-On Labels Guide

With our Iron-On Labels guide, you’ll be labelling your child’s clothing like a pro in no time—that’s an ‘iron-clad’ guarantee! Stuck On You has been going for over twenty-five years, which is an accomplishment that brings us great pride! Our Iron-On Labels are tried and tested, but every now and then we like to remind […]

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Embracing the new normal: more positive lessons in the post-lockdown world

A picture of a parent and child embracing positive lessons in post-lockdown life

In the second instalment of a two-part piece, we find even more silver linings that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic. In a previous blog, we covered how we could use some of the positive lessons arising from the tragic COVID-19 pandemic in order to make the world a nicer place. Part two of […]

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Dentist Yasmin Coulthard shares great tips for the health of baby teeth

A picture of yasmin coulthard who is discussing teeth health

We chat with dentist Yasmin Coulthard, who explains the importance of children’s baby teeth health, and if dentists really do have a direct line to the Tooth Fairy! In a recent blog, we wrote about the importance of baby teeth and how losing them can be a truly personalised experience for children with our new […]

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Embracing the new normal: positive lessons in the post-lockdown world

A picture of a nurse happy about post-lockdown life

In the first of a two-part piece, we look at the post-lockdown world and find some silver linings that have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic. For months, the internet has been awash with strategies on how to cope with lockdown—otherwise known as quarantine, isolation, sheltering in place, stay-at-home orders, and numerous other terms. However, there […]

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Discover the importance of baby teeth and meet our new Tooth Fairy Box!

A picture of a tooth brush promoting the Tooth Fairy Box

We sit in the dentist’s chair to see why baby teeth are critical to a child’s development, as well as how an inside-running with the Tooth Fairy can be very rewarding. Teething is not fun. It’s not fun for the babies going through it. It’s not fun for the parents watching on helplessly. And it’s […]

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Stuck On You interviews amazing mothers: part one

A picture of the mothers day interview part one banner

In the first of a two-part series celebrating Mother’s Day 2020, we chat with some inspirational and entrepreneurial women about what motherhood means to them! Let’s be honest, every day should be Mother’s Day! Our amazing mothers do so much for us and are integral to developing who we are, everything we do, and how […]

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