Busy kids make for happy kids … and even happier parents!

A picture of a happy child showing why it's great to have busy kids

We’ve been adding more free activities to our website, so you can always have busy kids with lots to do! Check out some of the new additions.

No parents want children who have nothing to do. Ever. They value their quiet-time and sanity too much. They know that only good things come from having busy kids. This is because busy kids learn, grow and develop—and, most importantly, make less noise.

But constantly coming up with activities to keep kids busy can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Never fear! This is where Stuck At Home comes to the rescue.

Stuck At Home provides activities, games, puzzles, crafts and colouring pages. It originally started as our way to help families get through the COVID-19 lockdown but was so well received that we have been regularly adding to it for families to utilise in any situation.

It’s developed into a large resource of education and entertainment options for families from all walks of life. So, whether you’re looking for something interesting, creative or interactive to entertain the kids in those moments of boredom, there’s something for everyone with Stuck At Home.

How Stella got her move back

It’s easy for kids to not get enough exercise. Especially with the constant lure of the television or the tablet. This is why we made sure our new activities included games that inspire lots of movement!

We’ve got two dice games that you simply download, print and construct. The Exercise Dice game involves rolling the die and doing whatever exercise our cute monkey in sunglasses is doing. There’s hopping, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, walking backwards and squats.

The Move Like an Animal Dice game is the same concept, but with cute animal movements that are sure to result in some laughs. Have your camera ready for this one!

A picture of SOY exercise activities

Let it brain, let it brain, let it brain

But with all that physical exercise, we can’t forget to exercise those little brains as well. Especially in such important formative years. Luckily, we have plenty of brain games too.

For the numerical side of things, we have a bunch of counting games including How Many Dots on the Dice, How Many Apples on the Trees, and the most delicious one of all, How Many Choc Chips on the Cookies!

On the literate side of the coin, we’ve got Tick the Correct Word, a visual game that involves matching pictures with the right corresponding words. There are also several games to build comprehension around vowel sounds.

There’s also a great Find-a-Word based on our Washing Wizard and Hygenie characters, who are perfect role models to instil healthy hygiene habits in a COVID-19 world. In fact, you and the kids can also read their fun and magical origin story right here!

But wait, there’s more

We’ve only just scratched the surface of all the activities we offer so you can always have super-busy kids.

There are also things like the Build Your Own Bento download, where kids can draw, colour and sticker their ideal Bento concoction. It’s a perfect opportunity to teach them about healthy and sustainable eating, as opposed to a lunchbox full of ice cream, lollies and lots of wrappers that are bad for the environment.

Kids who love their arts and crafts also have plenty to choose from. There are new additions such as the Finger Puppet activities with characters like pirates, animals, fairies and unicorns—or even cards and notes they can make for their favourite teachers.

Finally, we’ve even added lots of great activities for the two new members of the Stuck On You family: Bluey and Hey Duggee. We know these will be popular in doghouses and clubhouses everywhere! For real life!

A picture of SOY education and art activities

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the great new additions to the Stuck At Home page right now. Then, let us know what you love and what you’d like to see by getting in touch with us on our Facebook page!