Treat the Easter Bunny to these delicious “Bunny Bites”! Free printable labels and recipe

The Easter Bunny is one very busy bunny, with the very huge responsibility of delivering lots and lots of Easter eggs to lots and lots of children (and probably to more children than Santa Claus does, given that there’s seemingly no Naughty/Nice system in place to keep the numbers under control).

Therefore, it’s only fair that we give the Easter Bunny something back. Something a little different to the usual fare he/she* delivers – but just as sweet and definitely delicious!

[*Note: In referring to the Easter Bunny, we’ve varied the gender not just for the sake of equality, but also because no one knows for sure if the Easter Bunny is a boy, girl or someone else. In my household, the Easter Bunny is definitely a girl whose Easter-egg-hiding skills are so kick-butt that even she can’t find them again.]

We searched high and low for the perfect recipe to properly showcase our appreciation to the Easter Bunny. It took many rather enjoyable practice runs but we got there in the end and can’t wait to share the results with you.

So on that note, here is our delightful recipe for “Bunny Bites”, as well as a set of gorgeous labels to attach to the bag of “Bunny Bites”.**

**Formerly known as “Bunny Bribes”, “Bunny Bait” (don’t google this) and “Bunny Bits” (definitely don’t google this). 

By the way, the “Bunny Bites” will be a lovely gift regardless of who delivers your Easter eggs – whether it be the Easter Bunny, the Easter Bilby, the Easter Baboon, or the Easter Exhausted Parent Phoning It In.