The Whole Boxing Day and Dice

A picture of two kids in boxes for boxing day

We’ve got the stories behind why the day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. Not to mention the box your kids shouldn’t be without!

Boxing Day is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. Especially as we haven’t even crossed Christmas off the list yet. Or maybe it’s the first thing on your mind because you can’t wait for the rest you finally get to have on Boxing Day!

It’s one of those days that we all know about (and definitely enjoy). But probably a lot of us don’t know where it came from or why it’s given such an unusual name.

Well, it’s definitely not the obvious things it sounds like. It’s not an excuse to take out the stress of Christmas in the boxing ring; nor is it a celebration of the art of moving house.

The story behind the name does involve a history lesson but don’t worry, we’ve done the “heavy lifting” for you!


Thinking outside the box

There are two possible stories behind Boxing Day as told by The History Channel, both of which have probably contributed to the version we have today.

The first of these dates back to times of “lords of the manor and aristocrats”—otherwise known as high society.

In order to have a seamless Christmas day, they would require servants to work on December 25. Rather than getting anything as lavish as today’s ‘double time’, they would gift them boxes of “small gifts, money and leftovers on December 26 as a reward.”

The second is a little more charitable. It involves church clergy members taking the money from donation boxes and distributing “the contents of the boxes to the poor on December 26”.

A picture of a teddy bear in a box


A box of tricks

Boxing Day is now usually one of two scenarios. The first is as a time of relaxation and reflection (mainly relaxation). If you have children this is even more so, as you are invariably trying to recover from all the madness that took place on Christmas.

The second is taking advantage of the plethora of sales the retail world offers. And, who knows, there may be one of those to look out for on the Stuck On You website too!

But, with any luck, one task that will involve boxes is figuring out what to fill the kids’ new Bento Boxes with!

So, if this gift idea isn’t already on your Christmas or Boxing Days lists, then make sure you head over to the Stuck On You website and check out our huge range of Bentos.

Remember, there is a Large Bento and a Mini Bento to choose from. Both can be personalised with lots of different colours and graphics—and of course your child’s name!

A picture of Stuck On You Large and Mini Bento Boxes


How do you usually enjoy Boxing Day? Is it one of adventure or one of recovery? Let us know in the comment section below!

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