Getting on Board

A picture of two children playing board games

Nowadays, there are plenty of things competing for your children’s attention. We see why good old-fashioned board games still have a place amongst it all.

Board games … seriously, does anyone still play them? When you’ve got the Internet, apps, video games and streaming services all fighting for the focus of our easily distracted children, how could a piece of cardboard and a couple of dice ever compete?

Well, we’re here to tell you that they can … and they do.

If ever there was a homonym that was grossly inaccurate it’s the humble board game; because there is nothing remotely ‘boring’ about board games. Sure, these days they’re seemingly the quiet, little, invisible underachiever. They appear to just sit there on the retail shelves, begging to be paid some attention or even just held for a second with a nostalgic smile.

But the reality is they’re still a force to be reckoned with—with many preferring them over newer, flashier types of digital entertainment. And, best of all, they’re still a fantastic outlet for kids! Read on to find out why.


Board games are great for all kinds of self-improvement. Whether you’re looking to develop your child’s knowledge, mathematical ability, artistic skills or dexterity—there is a game that will help!

There are so many options that can build skills like problem-solving (Cluedo, Guess Who?), dexterity (Jenga, Mouse Trap, Operation), numeracy (Yahtzee, Connect Four), general knowledge (Trivial Pursuit), literacy (Scrabble, Scattegories, Boggle) or creativity (Pictionary).

And kids really are never too young to discover the joy of board games. Even toddlers can get in on the action with our Wooden Name Blocks!

So, if you need any inspiration to give board games a try, then the possibility they might just help turn your ankle-biter into some kind of genius later on in life should be motivation enough!

A picture of a child playing Jenga


One of the greatest challenges of raising children these days is the prevalence of screens and all the appeal that comes from them.

It’s so easy just to plonk the kids in front of a screen in order to give yourself five minutes of peace and quiet. But, with that screen use, comes the anxiety of wondering exactly what they’re watching. Not to mention the guilt so many parents feel when they resort to devices.

But with board games, you can alleviate both of those concerns. You’ll know they’re engaging in an activity where they’re interacting with others in a healthy, fun and social way.

And the added bonus of this? It frees up the screen so you can finally watch that show everyone at work has been talking about. Suddenly you won’t be the cultural outcast anymore.

A picture of a Scrabble board

Connect for…

Board games are also a fantastic activity you can do with your children. In a stressful and insanely busy world, finding something—anything—you can do collectively as a family is invaluable.

Kids may initially resist the idea of a board game, passing it off as lame or uncool. But persist and get them involved, especially from a young age, and you’ll be amazed as you watch their natural curiosity take over.

In no time the healthy competitiveness of children (because we’re a competitive bunch) will take over. Before you realise it, you’ll be playing games as a family for hours on end. With that initial barrier gone, the little ones will be begging to have game nights all the time!

A picture of a game of Connect Four

Chess peace

And if we hadn’t sold it already, board games are just simple, innocent, pure fun!

They’re a great way to bring anyone together in spite of difference—even if that difference was your decision to make the other competitors eat their peas at dinner earlier that night.

So, whether it’s just the occasional school holiday activity or a regular weekend marathon, give some traditional board games another go.

You may find yourself surprised at the results, now and into the future. In the blink of an eye, your kids will be adults, visiting you for a weekend lunch and asking to break out the Scrabble board for a deliberate not-so-quick game.

And, finally, it would be remiss of us not to offer a last (but absolutely critical) tip when it comes to board games. And we present it in the form of a single-word caution: Monopoly.

Monopoly has been scientifically proven as the board game most likely to transform an otherwise pleasant family game into tears, tantrums and a playing piece embedded in a wall. You have been warned…

A picture of a young girl looking at a chess board

What’s your family’s favourite board game? Let us know that (plus any Monopoly horror stories in the comment section below!