The busy parent’s quick guide to Bluey™

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Are you a parent, grandparent, cool uncle, hip aunt, nanny or carer of a child obsessed with Bluey? Here’s everything you need to know with our quick Bluey guide. Plus, all the Stuck On You gear featuring the famous blue heeler!

Bluey is the coolest kids’ cartoon going around. It’s hilarious, sweet and incredibly astute at portraying modern family life. Chances are you have a child or know a child who watches it endlessly. You may have been vaguely aware of an episode as the soundtrack to dinner preparation, but you haven’t really had time to see what all the fuss is about. Well then, it sounds like you need the quick Stuck On You Bluey guide!

While we can’t promise to answer why the little one in your life is constantly bugging you for a game of ‘Keepy-Uppy’; how to construct a laundry train from deck chairs; or why your yoga ball keeps disappearing for a game called ‘Raiders’; we can tell you that you’ll be a smidge more informed about everything blue heeler-related.

In a nutshell

Bluey follows the adventures of a lovable six-year-old blue heeler with a seemingly limitless amount of energy and imagination. Bluey and her family play elaborate games that unfold in unpredictable and hilarious ways.

The show has an overriding emphasis on play-based learning and the way a modern-day family operates in a contemporary context. It’s in stark contrast to the old-school, outdated notion of a family where dad goes to work and mum looks after the kids. Everyone helps out in the Heeler household!

A picture of Bluey walking with Bandit and Bingo

Quick trivia

The show was not only created in Australia but is also made in Australia and set in Brisbane! Ludo Studio produces the show and makes use of lots of local voice talent including TV personalities Myf Warhurst and Hamish Blake.

Bluey has also won an International Emmy in the category of Most Outstanding Children’s Programme. It’s also the most-watched show ever on ABC’s iView!


Bluey is the driving force of the show. She simply adores playing and inventing games; even more so when it involves a scenario where she gets to pretend she’s a grown-up.

Bingo is Bluey’s little sister, a red heeler puppy who also loves getting involved in the games. While more apprehensive than her big sister, she loves stepping up to the challenge of the invented games and characters.

Bandit is the father to Bluey and Bingo, and he is an archaeologist (because dogs love to dig up bones of course). Chilli is Bluey and Bingo’s mother, and she works in airport security. Both parents love encouraging their kids to learn through play and imagination, and they’re not shy about getting involved in the games. They also always have reassuring words ready when their children are upset.

Bluey also features a great supporting cast of characters, including the cousins, Muffin and Socks, uncle Stripe and aunt Trixie, as well as the puppies’ teachers, Calypso and Mrs Retriever.

A picture of Bluey and her family

The stories

Everything that happens in Bluey has a common thread: it’s relatable. It’s the stuff that just about all families deal with all the time.

There are episodes that focus on the appropriate amount of screentime for kids, how working parents juggle the balance between their jobs and their children, and even the relationship landmine that is shopping and assembling flatpack furniture.

These stories of every day are used to hone in on some complex issues like how vital it is to have empathy for children’s emotions, and the importance of play-based learning in the critical developmental years.

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A picture of Bluey jumping

And that’s our quick Bluey guide! There’s so much to love about this show—learn more right now on the official website, discover your favourite episodes on ABC’s iView, and let us know how much you love Bluey on our Facebook page!


Posted by: Carrie Felton

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