The Best of the Mummy blogs – Issue 3


Welcome back to our weekly #BOTB post, keeping you across the hottest parenting topics from the last seven days.

Last week Parentingideas Blog brought up the ever-looming dilemma of “parent monsters” at kids sports, offering 10 ways to avoid being that person. A life Less Frantic shares her experience struggling with the daily grind and offers tips on how to keep organised, and Stay at home Mum tackles ways to approach asking the delicate question – ‘no kids please’.

Let’s dive in…

1. 10 ways to support kids at sport, and keep the sports monster on a leash, Parentingideas Blog 

“Children’s sport has an amazing capacity to bring out the very worst in some parents. It seems that inside even the most mild-mannered person lurks a ‘sports monster.’” It’s true. Grose has nailed it on the head and pulled together a 10 point plan around how not to become a sports monster at your children’s games. A useful conversation to have among other parents on the sidelines. Keep tabs on you Kids’ sports equipment with our Sports Value Pack.

2. Monday Meal ideas: Vegetarian Delight, Baby Mac

It’s Monday and you’re feeling a little uninspired. Beth from Baby Mac has suggested four simple vegetarian dishes to help to get more veggies on your plate. The Roasted Sweet potato, Feta & Spinach Rigatoni is a stand out. Our silicone placemats are a great way to make mealtimes more fun and less messy.

3. No kids please, Stay at Home Mum

That delicate question – how to ask someone not to bring their kids to an event? Stay at Home Mum outlines 4 ways to approach the delicate topic without coming across as a child-hater. “Let’s be honest, some of them are just downright little terrors.” Too true!

4. Clever Ways to Cut a Watermelon, The Organised Housewife 

We admit, some of these are a little time consuming, but The Organised Housewife suggests a number of clever ways to cut Watermelon. Even the fussiest child won’t get bored. The best tip – pre-cutting fruit and vegetables as soon as you bring it home from the store so it’s conveniently available for lunches or snacks. Our Lunch Pails are the perfect size for fitting snacks and a drink.

5. Youtube announces Youtube Kids

This week, video platform Youtube released a new app – Youtube Kids- that filters kid friendly content and allows parental controls, including a screen time timer and pre-selected search settings. Stress less when your kids are Youtubing away.

Tune in next week for more #BOTB.