13 of the best halloween decorations

Halloween is of course huge in the Northern Hemisphere though the Southern Hemisphere is catching up as fast as we can. Despite our efforts, however, progress can be a slow-moving beast and it’s still quite often the case that for every house on the street brimming with Halloween treats and impressive decorating bling, there are are another four or so houses where the inhabitants a) pretend/arrange not to be home on Halloween night or b) are caught by surprise and resort to giving trick-or-treaters whole unpeeled carrots and old muesli bars (sorry little ghost dudes of H night 2014).

Whether you are a Halloween enthusiast or less-than-enthusiast, the following spooky decoration ideas are sure to inspire ideas of your own .. or at the very least, a morbid chuckle.

Zombified? Or just very hungover?

Halloween - Girl

Image via pinterest

Get me out of here!!

Halloween - Cushion

Image: wfrancisdesign

Ahhh that’s better.. I think (?!)

Halloween - Blood

Image via pinterest

No really, I do clean the bathroom every day (nervous giggle)

Halloween - Cockroaches

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In case the spiders weren’t icky enough… 

Halloween - Toilet

Image via pinterest

Growling garage.

Halloween - Garage

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Board to death.

Halloween - Boarded up ghost

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Halloween - Grave

Image via pinterest

This one’s here just because it’s pretty..

Halloween - House

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How long till the government makes this ‘disappear’?

Halloween - Aliens

Image via reddit

A jar of your finest innards, please.

Halloween - Innards

Image: Evil Mad Scientist

Eyes that follow you across the room…

Halloween - Eyes

Image via Bored Panda

Step into my web… 

Halloween - Web

Image: Anke Art