The best Christmas apps to get your kids excited!


I might be in the minority here but I absolutely love the lead-up to Christmas, almost more than Christmas Day itself!* In fact, with a mere 80 or so sleeps till the big day, I’m a bit disappointed that the shops around me aren’t already displaying their latest tinsel range and piping in jaunty renditions of Jingle Bell Rock.

(*Talk to me again when there are 2 sleeps left and I still haven’t bought any presents nor worked out which city I should be in for Christmas Day.)

Thankfully I have my stash of Christmas music in the car (including John Denver’s classic Christmas album) to tide me over before the retailers decide to catch up.

Christmas apps - John Denver


For kids – who basically have nothing more stressful to do in preparation for Christmas other than dreaming up which rare, expensive and ultimately useless toys they want for Christmas – getting into the festive spirit is a lot easier. There are plenty of great apps out there designed to build up the excitement for Christmas. And, as a side benefit for parents, several of these can be parlayed into tools to encourage good behaviour (see Naughty or Nice).

Here is our list of top apps for kids this Christmas. Enjoy!


  • Free
  • Available on iOS and Android

Christmas apps - Santa Spy Cam

Keep the magic of Santa alive with this clever ‘proof of Santa’ app that allows you to capture live-action videos of Santa, his elves and reindeer in and around your home. Your child’s eyes will boggle in wonder when they see Santa eating cookies in front of the Christmas tree they helped decorate, or a cheeky elf cruising around their room in a toy car. The perfect way to keep your burgeoning little cynic at bay for just that little bit longer.

Check out this a video a Stuck On You mum made:


  • Free
  • Available on iOS

Christmas apps - Toca Hair Salon

The kiddies will have a blast styling Santa or trimming and decorating a funny Christmas tree. They can also take a snapshot and save their creations. Thankfully, unlike real salons, there is a magic potion called G.R.O so hair can grow back instantly if you need to start over.

Aussie kids and others who will enjoy a hot Christmas this year can give their Santa the perfect style to contend with the warm weather.

This app is wonderful for the imagination. It’s also terrific for kids (and adults, cough cough) who find Santa a tad scary and want to make him less intimidating via a strategic trim.


  • Free
  • Available on iOS

Christmas apps - Naughty or Nice

A fantastic disciplinary tool for parents, not just for Christmas but all year round! Simply press the rear camera onto the forehead of the person you are scanning and press the SCAN button. With realistic sound effects and dazzling lights while scanning, your kids will be awed into submission (hopefully) as they wait breathlessly for the assessment of their behaviour.

You can control the outcome by setting it to “naughty”, “nice” or (if you’re feeling brave) “random”.


  • Free
  • Available on iOS and Android

Christmas apps - Call from Santa

Ho ho ho! Santa takes his continual professional development very seriously. In these modern times, this includes keeping his tech skills up to date. Santa’s now on his mobile and ready to give and receive calls and texts from excited children around the world.

This fun app has three main features: You can:

  1. Receive a call from Santa (Santa can mention your child’s name, age and interests for that extra personalisation).
  2. Call Santa’s voicemail (let your child leave a message for Santa with their Christmas wish list, find out what he’s doing currently and what the weather is like at the North Pole).
  3. Text message with Santa – he will reply instantly!
  • $1.99 US
  • Available on iOS

Christmas apps - Santa's Village

Santa’s Christmas Village is a great source of fun for all ages, providing a variety of games that are both educational and entertaining. To make it a nice social experience, some of these games allow for two players.

Santa’s Christmas Village has 17 amusing activities that are sure to get you into the spirit of Christmas. These include:

  • Sudoku: Apply sudoku rules to successfully hang Christmas ornaments.
  • Snowman Math: Solve simple mathetical problems to build a snowman. Educational fun for littlies!
  • Bear piano: With several levels of difficulty to choose from, young and old can delight in this fun musical game that involves clicking on Christmas bears to play and create music.

Pssst… we have a little secret. The elves at Stuck On You are developing a cool Christmas app that will be launching very soon. We will keep you updated..