Stuck On You customers’ best Bluey™ episodes

A picture of Bluey and Bingo enjoying the best Bluey episodes

We had such a terrific response to our best Bluey episodes, we thought it only fair to hear about yours!

Previously, we have shared some of our favourite Bluey episodes and, in the process, confirmed how hard it is to pinpoint only a few! We knew it would help to go to the experts for some more insight and that’s where you came in! So, after enthusiastically listening to your feedback on our Facebook page, we’ve compiled what our beloved customers consider to be the best Bluey episodes!

There were plenty of passionate opinions about your favourites and a few clear standouts. But the best part of the whole process was seeing that, while some parents shared their kids’ choices, plenty were unashamedly declaring the love for their own episodes!

Either way, the passion for the Heeler family shone through, demonstrating just how this show really is for everyone. So, without further ado, here are YOUR best Bluey episodes for real life!

Dad Baby

This one was an overwhelming favourite, and we can see exactly why! It’s meaningful and hilarious in so many ways.

Bandit shows off an old baby harness and, unwittingly, invents a new game called ‘Dad Baby’ for his girls. Suddenly, Bandit is wearing the harness and carrying around his soon-to-be baby, Bingo.

The gags quickly follow, beginning with Chilli’s preparation of a rolled-up magazine to whack all the pregnancy jokes out of Bandit.

Then there is Bingo clutching at Bandit’s fur, Bandit repeatedly losing his grasp on his dumplings as baby Bingo snatches them from his hands, and most hilariously, Bandit finally giving birth in the kiddy pool with the help of neighbour Pat. 

But of course, everyone is ecstatic when baby Bingo arrives and Bandit, in particular, has a new-found appreciation for the two amazing gifts Chilli gave him for real life.

A picture of the Bluey title for Dad Baby
Image courtesy of ABC iview


Grannies got plenty of love from Stuck On You customers too. Frankly, it deserves the prestige even just for its hysterical portrayal of the older generation’s struggles with webcams!

Bluey interrupts Bingo’s session of flossing (the dance, not the dental technique) and asks if she wants to play ‘Grannies’. She enthusiastically agrees and the sisters promptly dress themselves in their best outfits complete with glasses and a walking stick.

All of a sudden, Bluey and Bingo—or should we say Janet and Rita—interrupt Chilli in the kitchen to find some baked beans, followed by Bandit who is trying to clean the bathroom.

Like many a failed actor though, Bingo can’t fully commit to the part and is regularly distracted by her flossing. “Grannies don’t floss,” Bluey exclaims, which upsets Bingo and makes her give up on the game.

Bluey, who is happy to be right but sad without Bingo, goes to her parents for advice. Chilli offers up the simple question: “Do you want to be right or do you want Bingo to keep playing?” Despite a laugh-out-loud moment that is all too adult where Bluey asks “Can’t I have both?”, Bluey knows what she must choose.

To appease Bingo, Bluey teaches Nana over the webcam how to floss, then shows Bingo and admits she was wrong. It’s both a highly selfless and mature act, and something all viewers— whether child or adult—can learn from.

A picture of the Bluey title for Grannies
Image courtesy of ABC iview

The Beach

This is an episode that says a lot without having to actually say it. That kind of storytelling is a staple of the show and one of its many strengths.

It opens with Bluey and Bingo—as well as the third ‘dog-child’, Bandit—rolling up on a skateboard shouting: “Beach!”

They’ve just arrived for a day on the sand and Chilli, trailing behind, clearly needs a little time to herself. Bluey explains to Bandit that she’s sad her mum is alone. After Bandit explains that Chilli likes time alone, Bluey innocently responds: “I wonder why.”

What ensues are some serious adult lessons for Bluey about independence, courage, and the occasional need for space. Chilli takes another walk by herself along the beach but Bluey, determined to understand why (and show off her new shell), follows soon after.

After some cute encounters with seagulls, a jellyfish, crabs and even a pelican, Bluey is feeling confident and ready to take on anything. She finally catches up with her mother and they embrace.

Suddenly, Bluey—or ‘the mermaid who got her legs’—announces that she has an appreciation of time spent alone. Chilli prods further and asks why, to which Bluey echoes her mother’s earlier reasoning: “I don’t know. I just do.”

Then, just when the episode can’t get any sweeter, Bluey leans in for a motherly embrace and adds: “But this is nice too though.”

Some beautiful visual symbolism also elevates The Beach to a high level. Most notable are recurring shots of a kookaburra held aloft in the wind high above the sea. Like the bird, Chilli may not always be right by Bluey’s and Bingo’s sides, but she’ll always be watching over them as they grow and gain their independence to face all of life’s challenges … and pelicans.

A picture of the Bluey title for The Beach
Image courtesy of ABC iview

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