Celebrating fathers with our choices for the best animated dads

A picture of Bandit playing with Bluey and Bingo

Father’s Day is remarkably different this year to ever before. Because of the need for a little joy, we thought an escape from reality was in order with some of the best animated dads. Plus, we have another surprise for you too!

For Father’s Day last year, we had a look at some of the best TV dads. This time around, we thought we’d take things a step further and check out some of the best animated dads.

The reason for this is fairly simple. 2020 has been a tough year and, with the pandemic still lingering over our heads, there is not too much to feel ‘animated’ about.

For many of us, we may not even get to see our dads this year. So, we thought what better way to feel a little more animated in tough times than with just that: some animation!

So, these are our choices for a few of the best animated dads. We’ve got some old, some new, and some from all different types of animation.

Read on and see if you agree. Then, check out our free greeting cards you can print for your kids to colour and give to their dads and granddads!

Bandit Heeler, Bluey

A picture of one of the best animated dads, Bandit Heller
Image: bluey.tv

We couldn’t start the list off with anyone other than Bandit Heeler. He’s the fantastic father to Bingo and her sister Bluey, the eponymous star of the hit cartoon, and the face of our favourite new range of products!

Bandit has become the yardstick for all fathers to aspire to over the last few years. He’ll do anything and everything for his family, including looking and acting as silly as possible if it will stimulate his girls’ imaginations and put smiles on their faces.

George Jetson, The Jetsons

A picture of George Jetson, one of the best animated dads
Image: Wikipedia

“Meet George Jetson. His boy: Elroy. Daughter: Judy.
Jane: his wife!”

Come on, any guy who has a theme song written about him and his family has to be doing something right as a father.

Plus, he lives in the future, drives a flying car and has a talking robot. All serious cool-dad traits.

If only we could find out where to pick up a pair of those space sneakers…

Marlin, Finding Nemo

A picture of the character Marlin, one of the best animated dads
Image: Pinterest

Now, we acknowledge that Marlin becoming distracted enough to let his little fish Nemo get lost in the first place is not a tick in the parenting box.

But you can’t deny the lengths he goes to in order to find him.

He crosses great stretches of the ocean, puts up with the forgetful Dory, and confronts sharks, jellyfish, and a blue whale to finally reunite with his son.

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

A picture of Homer Simpson, one of the best animated dads
Image: Wikipedia

It may not always be apparent that Homer is a good dad. In fact, there are certainly occasions where he lets himself down—that time he almost sat on Maggie for instance.

But he always manages to redeem himself and come through for his kids in the end. Yes, he does let Lisa take the bus when she’s far too young and then lies to Marge about it.

But he also goes to every length to find his little brainiac, including surviving the unusual ordeal of a drawbridge closing on his head. Now if that’s not commitment to parenting, then what is?

The Squirrel Club members’ dads, Hey Duggee

A picture of Happy's dad from Hey Duggee
Image: ABC iview

We couldn’t finish off this list without a mention of our other favourite new range of products from Hey Duggee.

While the dads of Hey Duggee don’t play much of a role in the stories, they do appear in every episode. We see them reflected in the kindness, manners and inquisitive nature of the Squirrels—and we see them on-time for pick up every day!

There’s also the amazingly subtle but incredibly meaningful inclusion of a character, Happy, with an adoptive father.

Stuck On You goes ‘father’ for Father’s Day

To get dads a little more animated for Father’s Day this year, we’ve come up with a special treat.

We have created some free downloadable Father’s Day cards. These are perfect for your kids to colour in and decorate, and they’ll give dad that warm and fuzzy homemade feeling.

Who do you consider the best animated dads across film and television? Let us know on our Facebook page and then enjoy as wonderful a Father’s Day as you can this year. Stuck On You wishes the best to all those awesome dads out there!