The Results: Bento Boxes are a lunchbox revolution!

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George is a dad of two gorgeous girls and he runs the bright, beautiful and very popular Instagram account, @schoollunchbox. We asked George to test our brand new range of Bento Boxes to see if they stack up to the traditional lunchboxes. Here’s his verdict… 

George from School Lunchbox
George from School Lunchbox

As a lunchbox dad, I’ve gone through heaps styles and sizes of lunchboxes. After being introduced to the Stuck On You Bento Box, I’ve finally found the perfect way to present school lunches!

There is a perfect amount of space to fit popular items like eggs and croissants without having to squash them down. The best part about not having to squash the food down? When the kids open their bento box they see a gorgeous, visually appealing range of snacks and lunch… which encourages them to eat everything on offer.

After a few months of testing these bento boxes I realise that it’s now even easier to make school lunches.  There are six compartments, each with a handy label underneath to guide you about what to put inside (grains, dairy, protein etc). It’s almost like the recipe comes embedded inside the box… all you need to do is fill it! For example, there’s a section for vegetables and fruit, so every morning I open up the fridge and see what we’ve got and grab a bunch of fruit and veggies to fill each compartment. Easy!

Great for the environment

For me, long gone are the fiddly packet foods I used to put in the lunchboxes. The beauty about a compartment-based bento box is that I can fill a dedicated spot with natural yogurt or hummus, eliminating the need to buy little packets of yogurt, which cost a fortune. I now buy one tub of healthy, natural Greek yogurt and it lasts me a whole week. So I’m saving money as well as doing my bit for the environment. I find that I’m no longer using zip lock bags or Glad Wrap anymore as the Stuck On You Bento Box keeps their lunch nice and fresh thanks to a silicone-seal inside the lid.

Great for leftovers

Image: @schoollunchbox
Image: @schoollunchbox

During the week when we prepare dinner, I usually make a little make extra so we can use it for school lunches. I love using chicken in the bento box, because a healthy shredded chicken wrap offers protein and grains that my kids enjoy. I put all the ingredients for a wrap inside their separate compartments e.g shredded chicken, salad, tomatoes and grated cheese. Then my girls then compose their own little wrap or soft taco at school. They’re certainly enjoying school lunches a lot more since we introduced the bento box.

Follow School Lunch Box on Instagram or check out George’s blog. You’ll find loads of inspiration for creating exciting, nutritious and delicious school lunches in your very own (personalised!) Bento Box from Stuck On You.

You can also listen to George on our podcast series by clicking on the picture below.

Podcast - George

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