Before Kinder and Before Bed Checklists

Free printable Before Kinder Checklist

You may have seen our recent post about how to get into the school routine with the free printable before and after school checklists. I have been using this at home with Miss 10, a girl who has worked out a way to read during each stage of getting ready – pressing the book up against the shower glass, holding the pages open while tying shoes, wedging the book in the towel rack while she does her hair. While I LOVE to see her reading, it can make the morning routine a little slow!

The Before School Checklist keeps her on track, stops me yelling, ‘Stop reading!’ (poison to young ears) and if she completes the checklist, she gets 15 or 20 minutes of reading time before school. We also use the After School Checklist every day, if she completes the After School Checklist without prompting she gets a sticker on her chart, when she gets 20 stickers, she gets a guinea pig. It works for us.

A routine is just as important for preschool aged kids so we have made a Free Printable Before Kinder Checklist and a Free Printable Before Bed Checklist with images rather than words and a more simplified routine. Try it out with kinder or pre school aged kids at home and let us know how it goes.


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Read our recent post for tips on how to use your Before Kinder Checklist

Before Kinder Checklist and Free Printable

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Have you had success with your Before School, After School or Before Kinder Checklists? What do you use as a reward? How has it worked for you? Tell us in the comments below. We’ve also had requests for a checklist for teenagers. What do you think should go on a teenagers checklist?