Sun, Surf and Sandwiches

A child running on a beach to find beach recipes

Make yourself comfortable on the sand and indulge in some of our favourite food for themed beach recipes.

Beach recipes sound like something a person who’s never had kids would invent. Who can fathom a day-trip involving sun, surf and sand coupled with any kind of food preparation?

Well, don’t worry. We’re not suggesting anything as audacious as that. What we’re talking about are fun food ideas you can make well after you’ve returned from the beach. Or maybe even for lots of energy before you go!

So, if you have little ones obsessed with the ocean or playing in the sand and you want to capitalise on this by creating fun culinary ideas that will get them eating great food, then explore our five favourite easy and nutritious beach recipes.

Orange is the new healthy

Cute, healthy and easy are three of our favourite words. This Orange Octopus from Eats Amazing ticks all three of those boxes—and does it with five legs to spare.

With nothing more than a few cuts into the orange with a knife, and a non-toxic marker to draw a face, you’ll have a piece of fruit eight times as appealing as normal.

A picture of an octopus made from an orange
Image: Eats Amazing

A little fishy

From The Simple Parent, this one is a really easy-to-make snack that kids will love. It’s also straightforward to vary the ingredients for picky eaters.

With rice cakes for the body of the fish, peanut butter (or any sort of spread) to attach the banana scales—and topped off with a blueberry eye—this is the healthiest and yummiest fish you’ll find around any beach.

A picture of a fish rice cake
Image: The Simple Parent

We’re gonna need a bigger dip

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how something so simple can be so effective. Enter the Hummus Crab from Fork and Beans.

It’s really nothing more than a pepper halved and then cut a few more times. Then just add a couple of googly eyes and you’ve got the perfect crab appetiser.

A picture of dip with a pepper crab
Image: Fork and Beans

Deep blue seeds

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, this Watermelon Shark from The Many Little Joys may get you thinking differently.

Simple but oh so effective, it is another example of some careful cutting equalling a great result. Best of all it is super healthy for the kids—and won’t bite back!

A picture of a watermelon made into a shark
Image: The Many Little Joys


Last but not least, the award for the easiest and most effective beach recipe goes to these Banana Dolphins from Popsugar.

A split in the banana stem, an eye drawn with a non-toxic marker and berries make these healthy, yellow Flippers.

A picture of bananas made to look like dolphins
Image: Popsugar

Waves of support

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How did you go with these fun beach recipes? Do you have any other great beach-themed food? Post a photo and tag us on Instagram.

Posted by: Carrie Felton

Owner of Stuck on You, Penny Scallan Design, Golly Gosh and The SOY Group @ home