Take Beach Day as it Comes

A picture of kids enjoying beach days

We’ve just released our brand new Turkish Towel and Poncho for those beautiful beach days! Here are the details—and some tips for taking the kids to the surf.

Beach days are what so many of us dream about while we’re hunkering down during the cold months of Winter. You can almost taste the sunshine, the swimming and the sand. Okay, maybe not so much the sand—no one wants to taste that.

So when Spring and Summer do finally start to roll around, the beach is one of the best places you can take the kids to enjoy it.

But, like so many activities that are generally easier minus the kids, beach days get a little more complicated and convoluted when you’ve got some rugrats in tow (or perhaps towel rats in this instance).

So we’ve compiled our best advice for how you can make this process as painless (and hopefully as fun) as possible.


Less is definitely more

Beach days are an exercise in patience. You’ve got to fight traffic, find somewhere to park, navigate the hordes of people, and deal with the infuriating sensation of feeling like you’ve got sand on you for days after the event. Or the worst thing of all: forgetting footwear and realising the sand is hot, hot, hot!

But add kids to the mix and a trip to the beach takes on a whole new degree of complexity. The fewer things you have to pack, carry, or generally worry about will hopefully reduce that degree.

You don’t need a million toys to keep them entertained. After all, they’re at the beach! Take them for walks, let them explore rockpools, and even try old-school fun like skimming pebbles.

If they insist on bringing something then keep it limited. A ball to throw around or a plastic shovel to dig sand is more than enough. It’ll teach them to choose carefully and it will mean you won’t need a tractor to get it all there—or lug it all home.

A picture of a young girl with a Turkish Towel


Plan your day

A trip to the beach with children should never be done on a whim. Without a plan, you’ll either bring too much, forget things, or wind up in the middle of a beach volleyball tournament you had no idea about.

The earlier you can go is generally better. You can hopefully get in and get out before the crowds arrive. You’ll also avoid the hottest part of the day.

Have everything packed the night before to make for an easy departure. Put it all into easily-accessible bags, bring a spare bag for any rubbish, and ensure you’ve got plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated.

A picture of two kids sitting on a pier


Safety first

And of course, the obvious tip is to be smart about any trip to the beach. Coat everyone in sunscreen before you even arrive, and reapply as necessary.

Dress sensibly in a large hat to protect the face, ears and neck—and purchase some quality sunglasses to protect your kids’ eyes. You can even consider a beach umbrella or beach tent.

Then there’s the conundrum of what they can wear when they’re getting dry. Not to mention how they’ll stay warm when the coastal breezes kick up. Well, we’ve got that well and truly covered.

A picture of a Stuck On You hat


Life’s a beach

Stuck On You has just released two brand new products that are perfect for trips to the beach, or time in the pool, learn-to-swim lessons, or just about any fun in the sun!

Our Turkish Towel is big enough to wrap around your child, while our Turkish Poncho is great to pull on and comes with the bonus of a protective hood. They both suit kids aged 4–10 the best!

Each is made with luxurious and absorbent Turkish cotton. They’re fast-drying, adorned with beautiful tassels, sand-repellent and can be personalised with a name in either white embroidery or print classic styles.

Order yours now to have the most fashionable and well-protected kids under the sun!

A picture of the Stuck On You Turkish Towel and Poncho

What do your family beach days usually entail? What do you think of our new Turkish Towel and Poncho? Let us know in the comment section below!