Your free back-to-school checklist and must-have personalisation essentials

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It’s easy to forget a thing or two when sending the kids back to school. Cross off all the essentials with our free back-to-school checklist!

It’s official—the 2020 holiday season hoopla is over (as much as anyone could have a hoopla about that nappy rash of a year). Festive celebrations are done and the New Year’s gatherings have fallen silent. We’re all returning to work in some form or another (groan) and the kids will soon be going back to school (hooray); so you’ll need a back-to-school checklist to have them ready and raring to go!

But we know better than most that preparing little ones to go back to school can be a chaotic affair. Actually, who are we kidding? It can be a nightmare! Do they have enough supplies? How do you keep them from losing every one of those supplies? What hygiene steps are essential in the post-2020 world?

Yep, there are A LOT of questions to consider. But it doesn’t have to be the painful exercise you may be imagining. At Stuck On You, we have been doing this for a long time.

So, use the free back-to-school checklist we’ve compiled and, with a dash of good planning and good luck, you may just be able to preserve your sanity!

Personalised labelling

Stuck On You is the original and the best labelling company, and you’ll find a few of our label options on the back-to-school checklist.

To keep all those uniforms and other clothes out of the lost and found, you can try either our classic Iron-On Labels for clothing or alternatives like the Self-Inking Stamp or brand-new Snappy Tags.

To complement these, we also offer personalised Shoe Labels, Allergy Labels and the rest of the huge selection of Stick-On Labels that will attach to anything with an absorbent surface!

Labelling: check!

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Personalised food storage

The revolutionary Stuck On You personalised Bento Box is the only option to choose for school lunches. With its compartment design and leakproof factor, it is perfect to avoid cross-contamination.

Add a personalised Cooler Bag, Food Jar, Cutlery Set and selection of other accessories to make every school mealtime an absolute breeze.

School lunches: check!

A picture of BTS food products

Personalised supplies

Your little scholar is also going to need plenty of stationery to get through each and every school day. We’ve got personalised Pencils and Markers, as well as other Stationery supplies to suit every taste.

And of course, a sturdy bag is also essential to carry all those school supplies. Our range includes Backpacks, Duffle Bags, Book Bags and more.

Then there are other critical items like personalised Calendars to keep track of events, homework and after-school activities—plus products you may not have thought of like a personalised Sun Hat or an identifying Wristband.

Other supplies: check!

A picture of BTS stationery

Stuff that’s easy to forget

Finally, there are those little everyday things that can be easily overlooked in the craziness of getting prepared. Thankfully, they’re also simple to personalise with Stuck On You Labels!

Items like sunscreen for hot days in the schoolyard, tissues for those runny noses, medicines or inhalers that may be needed during the day and, of course, face masks or hand sanitiser for protection from germs.

Check it out

The checklist is completely free and has everything you’ll need to arrive at that first school drop-off feeling more than just a little smug about your organisation skills.

To download and print the free back-to-school checklist, click RIGHT HERE or on the image below.

A picture of the SOY back-to-school checklist

Have questions about our back-to-school essentials? Then please get in touch at or via Facebook.

Posted by: Carrie Felton

Owner of Stuck on You, Penny Scallan Design, Golly Gosh and The SOY Group @ home