Beat those back to school blues

It’s almost back-to-school time. How are you holding up, parents? Are you all feeling well-rested after a summer of bonding lovingly with your kiddies?

Or does your home look more like this?

back to school - simpsons

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Being the back-to-school experts, we want to help you make the process smoother for when that time comes, so here are our best tips. Let the back to school countdown begin!


Returning to rigid early morning school routines can be tough after a long summer of relaxed bedtimes and sleep-ins. The solution? As the holidays draw to a close, wake up progressively more early each day. To provide extra motivation, create fun reasons to wake up earlier, e.g. trips to the park or beach.


Even though back-to-school time provides relief for us parents, we can still feel a tinge of sadness when the back-to-school advertising starts. It feels like summer is almost over.

To take the sting out of summer’s end, remind the kids (and yourselves) that the warm weather is likely to persist through at least the first month of school. On those first few weekends of the school term, continue going to the beach, running around the backyard, going to festivals and all those other fun summertime activities.

back to school - Beach


We now do a 180 and propose the opposite – that you make the tail-end of the summer break so hideously boring that it makes school look like a holiday in comparison. This could involve planning some homework tasks, cleaning out the garage, and watching wall paint dry (after they’ve finished painting it of course).

Be warned that this method tends to favour the brave or the lucky. But even if you only have the heart to implement it in part, it will at the very least get the kids out of your hair for a bit (even if it’s just because they’ve been put on hold by the social services hotline). They will also learn to tolerate boredom and maybe, just maybe, learn a few life skills along the way.

back to school - kids cleaning


Well not always. But if your kids are a bit anxious about having a new teacher and dealing with a new combination of classmates, tell them that a change is as good as a holiday. (Just when they thought the school holidays would be over, hehe).

To incite enthusiasm about the changes the new school year will bring, find out what fun activities their new teacher’s class got up to in previous years. Assure them that even if their good friends are now in a different classes, they can still retain that friendship and possibly make new ones.


Labelling is your best guarantee that your investment in back-to-school items will not end up decaying in a smelly lost property bin, or going home with another child.

Labelling is especially important at this time of the year when there is unpredictable weather and the constant need to put on or take off layers, including those all-important summer hats.

Check out our huge range of labels – including our new Clothing Stamps. These amazing gizmos allow the military-scale labelling of uniforms at a few flicks of the wrist. Better yet, they are reusable and will survive many washes and dries.

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Involve your kids in the labelling process so you can make back-to-school time fun for them and easier for you. Let them choose their own label designs so that they’ll be more invested in their labelled goods – and therefore less likely to lose them!

By the way, if you still can’t let go of the fact that your child didn’t choose that super-cute label design you were coveting, you can always order some for yourself. We’re not just about the kids you know – use our labels for home office files, kitchen jars, garage boxes.. whatever you like, really!

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After a long summer of sunshine and fresh air, back-to-school time feels like we are throwing our beloved cherubs into a festering germ pit. Personalisation limits the spread of germs as kids are less likely to accidentally drink from the wrong bottle.

We also have Allergy Labels which help highlight your child’s allergy to teachers and other kids.


Get the kids to help plan their lunches and help with the shopping. Our bestselling Bento Boxes provide the perfect inspiration for healthy and fun lunchtimes. Channel your inner food goddess and make gorgeous cheese and carrot flowers or happy rice clouds (for inspiration, see here). Or, if you’re feeling decidedly un-zen-like, chuck in some fruit and biccies. Either way is good!

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Stuck On You Bento Box