Wonder Women

A picture of a young child supporting Australian female sports stars

A contingent of Australian female sports stars is giving us plenty to be proud of—and showing all our kids the dizzying heights they can aspire to.

The old, very antiquated saying goes something like this: behind every great man is a great woman. Pfft, step aside, fellas! Women are being great all on their own! And nowhere is this more apparent than with Australian female sports stars on fields, courts, courses and oceans across the globe!

We’re not traipsing out any suggestions that this awesomeness isn’t the norm. We just want to celebrate some great sporting success stories Aussie athletes have achieved in the past few weeks alone!

We also want you to know that your kids are not short on heroes to cheer on.

Ash Barty

As Australia’s newest tennis champion, Ash Barty’s meteoric rise has been so successful of late that we’d only just written about her French Open win.

The inspirational Queenslander barely gave us time to finish celebrating that accomplishment before she completed another historic achievement: becoming the number-one player in the world!

Barty is the perfect role model to teach your kids plenty of life lessons. She has played both tennis and cricket professionally, meaning she exemplifies the importance of variety and doing what you love. She also demonstrates a willingness to take risks, believing in yourself and setting goals.

Most significantly for impressionable children, she personifies humility, grace and respect for others. What a legend!

The Matildas

Australia’s female football team is arguably one of the most successful national sporting squad of recent years, winning the prestigious Tournament of Nations in 2017 and 2019.

Their unexpectedly early exit from the World Cup last month was a letdown; but with star players like Sam Kerr, the Matildas remain one of the most inspirational teams for kids to follow.

They typify teamwork and the type of results that can come from tenacity in the face of adversity and obscurity.

The Matildas will undoubtedly be the inspiration behind many of our sporting stars in the future.

Hannah Green

It’s a while since Australia’s had a female golfer who was a household name, but Hannah Green is set to become just that.

The twenty-two-year-old has just won her first major event, taking out the PGA Championship last month.

Ranked in the hundreds at the time, the video of Hannah’s reaction to her unexpected win made plenty of traction online. It showed the kinds of qualities that are perfect to instil in your kids.

She was proud, humble and not shy to show her emotions immediately after the event. If you are trying to teach your little ones to be who they truly are—not to mention following their real dreams—then look no further than this new champion.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Then there is Sally Fitzgibbons, who is a prominent female sports star—and not the household name she should be.

While we were all huddled around heaters in the middle of Winter, she was in Brazil becoming the world number-one in surfing.

Surfing is a sport that can teach next-level dedication and commitment. Not to mention it’s a great one for kids to become confident in the water as they grow and develop.

All of this means Sally Fitzgibbons is another unique and fantastic sporting hero for your children to admire!


They are the game changers

And that is just a snapshot of recent sporting success from immensely talented Australian female sports champions. There are always plenty of others to choose from—like the Australian basketball and netball squads, the NSW Rugby League team who just took out the second women’s State of Origin in front of over 10,000 fans, as well as the high-flying players from the AFLW.

It’s a new era for Australian and world sport. With the stunning milestones of female athletes, there are plenty of new footsteps out there for our kids to follow. Game on!

And if you’re looking to get your kids into sport, there are plenty of programs you can try including ReadySteadyGo, Allsportz and Kelly Mini Sports. Let’s get them active!

Have your kids been inspired by a recent Australian female sports success story? Let us know in the comment section!

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