Hilarious Easter-themed April Fool’s Day pranks to play on your kids

This year, April Fool’s Day falls on Easter Sunday. Take advantage of this lucky coincidence and mesh together Easter festivities with a dash of cheek.

For the sake of Easter, I’ve suppressed my mean streak and stuck to finding pranks that are not too cruel (even though the thought of Brussel sprouts Easter eggs makes me cackle with vicarious glee).

The grapest classic

We’ll start with an oldie but a goodie – the old wrap-a-grape-in-Easter-egg-wrapping trick.

Image: Reddit via The Sun

Switch the kids around while they’re asleep so they wake up in each other’s beds

This prank is particularly useful if the kids are whining that you haven’t taken them anywhere interesting over the Easter break. Kids, don’t you know a change is as good as a holiday?

Doughnut tree

This is so cute! Get some Cheerios and ask your kids to plant them in a pot or backyard the night before Easter. In the morning, replace the ‘seeds’ with real doughnuts.

Image: Instagram via Buzzfeed

A sweet yolk

All you need for this trick is some vanilla or Greek yoghurt for the egg white, and half a tinned peach for the yolk.

Image via Pinterest

Jelly beans (or small Easter eggs) in the ice dispenser

Hopefully your kids are the type to put the “ice” in before pouring the drink, otherwise this surprise may not be as warmly received.

See What’s cooking with kids for more information on how to pull off this trick.

Image: via Buzzfeed

Popping good time

With the extra foot traffic that dedicated Easter eggs hunters bring, the household rugs are bound to get to a decent workout, especially once the kiddies discover you’ve placed some bubble wrap under them.

Image: Make It & Love It

Switch some framed family photos with a face-swapped version

The first kid to notice gets a bonus Easter egg.

Image: Flickr/Jencu