A Dozen Doughnut Dazzlers. Happy Doughnut Day!

Today is National Doughnut Day in the USA, a day that honours the Salvation Army volunteers (Doughnut Dollies) who served doughnuts to servicemen during World War I. To celebrate with our American cousins, we’ve compiled mouth-watering images of some truly phenomenal doughnuts. Enjoy!

All the colours of the rainbow!


Image via Pinterest, tastemade

Out of this world!


Image via Pinterest

Can you think of a better cake topper?

Cake topper

Image via Pinterest

Doughnut cone: A cool way to eat ice cream (yes, that pun was intended)

ice cream

Image via Instagram, Dum Dum Donutterie

Further proof that doughnuts and ice cream are a match made in heaven.

ice cream animal

Image via Instagram, nectarandstone

Not a real lamp – but this would sure light me up!


Image via Instagram, cloudykitchen

Will these make you eat your veggies? Check out these baked spinach and matcha creations!


Image via Pinterest, joyfoodsunshine.com

Would you like some fries with that?


Image via Pinterest, delish

And let’s not forget the doughnut holes, especially those with hidden treats inside.

Creme egg

Image via Pinterest, gringalicious

A doughnut hole for every doughnut…


Image via Pinterest

Doughnuts to say “I do” to.


Image via Instagram, nectarandstone

Doughnuts to say “I do I do I do” to.

wedding cake

Image via Instagram, angesdesucre

The bells-and-whistles-free doughnut. 

We are a generous bunch so we are throwing in an extra doughnut to make a baker’s dozen. The humble plain doughnut is available for bulk purchase at your friendly local supermarket or bakery. For when you just want a doughnut.

plain donut

Image: WikimediaImages

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