5 ways to put love in their lunchbox


Lunchbox ideas

Valentine’s Day inspired us to share the love! Here are 5 fun and easy ways to put a little love in your kid’s lunchbox.

Heart-shaped Fruit Kebabs 

These work well with a nice firm fruit – watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, honey dew or kiwi fruit. Simply cut the fruit with cookie cutters and thread it onto a popsicle or kebab stick and serve with a little tub of yoghurt for dipping!

Heart-shaped Roll-ups

As easy as it looks! Just use your heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut out a bunch of hearts in some raspberry flavoured fruit roll-ups. Just pop them in the lunchbox or stick them onto a washed green apple to dress it up a bit. You can even write a little note on a strip of paper and fold it into the heart-shaped roll-up like a fortune cookie.

Heart-shaped Sandwiches 

Cookie cutters, sandwich cutters and even sandwich stamps can be found in cooking shops and instantly upgrade the humble sandwich into a little piece of edible art. For a more colourful twist, spread one piece of bread with jam, Nutella or Vegemite and cut a hole out of the top piece – cute!

Lunchbox Notes 

Simply write them a little note and tuck it into their Lunchbox or, better still, order a pack of Lunchbox Notes from Stuck on You. In each pack you get 40 sweet messages, 20 personalised and 20 non-personalised messages for your kids.

Lunchbox Notes

Heart-shaped Boiled Eggs 

We tried to make heart-shaped eggs by following some instructions we found on Pinterest but we discovered an easier way to make your own heart-shaped boiled eggs along the way. Just use different sized heart-shaped cookie cutters! Hard boil an egg, run it under cold water as you peel it and while the egg is warm place it longways in the large heart-shaped cookie cutter and hold in place with a smaller one. Leave for ten minutes and cut lengthways.

Heart shaped eggs


Have you tried any of these cute ideas? How did they go? How do you put a little love in your kids’ lunchbox?