Tie the knot! 5 stylish ways to tie a scarf

There are many wonderful things about winter. Cosy nights at home, hearty soups, winter fashion… And integral to winter fashion is the practical, versatile yet stylish scarf.

Here are some fun ways to tie a scarf that will keep you both stylish and warm this winter!

The waterfall

The waterfall achieves a nice summery look for the winter.

1. Place scarf around your neck, with one side hanging down significantly lower than the other.


2. Loop the longer end once around your neck.

waterfall 2

3. Secure the end you used to loop by the top corner.

waterfall 3

4. Fit the top corner into the loop at the side of the neck, or affix with a brooch.

waterfall final

Images: wikiHow

Let’s do the twist!

1. Tie a basic knot, leaving enough room for the loop to fit around your head.


2. Taking the two loose ends and one part of the loop, start braiding.



3. Leave the ends of the braid loose and throw over your head for instant style!


Images: Krissa’s Creative Hands

Double scarf boho tie

1. Take two scarves


2. Line them up evenly and place around your neck, with the middle of the scarves at the front of your neck.


3. Tie around the back and bring the ends to the front.


4. Cross the ends over at the front.


5. Make a loose tie


6. Voila! Double the scarves, double the style!


Images: scarves.net

Four in the hand

This one is for the boys. Scarves have been dealt an unfair rap (wrap?) for being an exclusively feminine domain when historically, scarves have been worn by men to indicate military rank and to protect the neck from chafing (for aircraft pilots and armoured warriors).

This style is called “Four in the hand” and was popularised by English coachmen who would tie their scarves with one hand while holding the reins to four horses in the other.

In the interest of equality, ladies and non-coachmen should give this style a go as well!

1. Fold the scarf in half.

2. Place the folded scarf around your neck with each end evenly draped down your chest.


3. Pull one of the ends through the loop.

four-in-hand-scarf-knot (2)

4. Twist the loop, then pull the second end through this new loop.

four-in-hand-scarf-knot (3)

5. Tighten and adjust as desired.

four-in-hand-scarf-knot (final)

Images: Real Men Real Style

The belted scarf

Let’s finish off with an easy one for effortless elegance. Simply place a scarf at the back of your neck with the sides hanging at your front, then tie a belt at your waist around the scarf.

belted scarf nice

Image: Who What Wear