5 Reasons Why Summer Camp is Great for Kids

Remember making s’more’s over the campfire? Swimming in a lake? Learning something new every day? Summer camp is a wonderful childhood experience. Aside from all the fun, summer camp is a place where kids can develop skills that will help them later in their lives. Here are some of them.

Around the campfire


Develop Independence

Camp is a safe environment for kids to begin learning how to make decisions for themselves. They’ll have to manage their own belongings as they share a space with others. You can help them out while preparing for camp – labeling their things, and making sure they have everything they will need – but once they are there, they are on their own. They can use this freedom to take responsibility for their own choices.

Little boy holding a binocular at park.

Learn social skills

Not only will they learn to share responsibility for the space they live in, but they will also be developing important communication skills. It’s great preparation for events in later life that will require them to know how to be independent within a community. Plus, some of their greatest memories from camp will involve the friends they made there. The light and fun environment encourages kids to come together and support each other while being away from home.

Happy boys and girl together in park

Become more confident

This is a great opportunity for kids to explore their interests, acquire new skills, and grow! The nurturing environment can help them develop their confidence and self-esteem, as they will learn about healthy competition and teamwork. Because they are away from their parents, camp gives kids a safe way to take steps towards becoming more resilient and more confident in themselves. At specialized camps, kids can find comfort in their interests and become more confident about their talents, which can help them later when they are back at home or at school.

Little girl having fun painting. She is painting on paper and easel. Girl is aged 10.

Free time for unstructured play and learning

The benefits of camp often arise because the structure is different from life at home or school. Although it might seem a little bit daunting for both kids and parents, being away from the comforts of home and daily routines is one of the best ways for kids to break from the familiar. Some of the greatest lessons in life come from these moments. The unstructured nature of play and learning at camp can benefit them emotionally, physically, and socially.

A group of kids in a tug-of-war game

Unplug from technology

Being at camp takes them away from computers, TV, and other technologies that are often time-consuming. Camps tend to promote conversation through games and activities that keep the kids busy at all times. Most traditional camps are tech-free, making them the perfect place for children to disconnect from the daily influx of images and information they might get at home.

Group of children at summer camp running through a woodland area with their guide/teacher walking behind them.

In the end, sending the kids to summer camp, whether it’s during the day or overnight, is a great way to expose them to a series of benefits that they’ll later be thankful for.