5 Easy School Hairstyles for Girls

5 Easy Hairstyles for Girls | Stuck on You

1. Two Top Twists

This super cute and easy hairstyle for kids from Cup of Joe is perfect for short or long hair. Style with ribbons, clips or keep it simple with elastics. Just part the hair in the middle and twist and pin each section. This can be done with two sections of hair at the top (as in the picture) or make three more along the neckline with the remaining hair.

Image Source: Cup of Joe



2. Top Knot 

You have to love an easy hairstyle for kids from Kojo Designs that also makes use of pesky lost socks! Cut off the toe of the sock and roll it into a tube. Put the hair in a pony tail, secure with an elastic and slide the socktube onto the ponytail. Separate the pony tail into two clumps, slide the socktube to the end and roll it down tucking loose hairs in neatly as you go. Spread the hair until it covers the socktube and add bows or ribbons to dress it up.

Image: Kojo Designs

kojo designs 2


3. Pigtails Without a Part

I love this tweak to the pigtails by Hair Romance, it looks a little bit fancy and only takes 5 minutes – the perfect Back To School hairstyle for kids (also great for us mums with regrowth). With a centre or side part, divide the hair into two equal sections making sure that you have enough hair to cover the start of the part and clip this piece up. Tie the lower piece with elastic, then the top piece – done!

Image: Hair Romance


4. Ponytails with a Twist 

These two hair styles for kids give a slight twist to the humble ponytail. They are perfect if you just want a little variety but have little time. The Ponytail is a great way to make thin hair look fuller and give a ponytail more texture. Section the hair off by gathering it just above the ears and secure with an elastic. Lift the top section and gather the remaining hair and tie it high enough that it sits underneath the hair of the top section. DONE!

Image: Fashion Diva

fashion diva designdotcom

This makes such an elegant ponytail and is not hard to do. Comb back the hair into a neat ponytail, pull away a section about 2cm thick, wrap it around the ponytail and pin at the base.


5. Easy Twisted Pullback 

This is a lovely hairstyle for girls who like to have their hair out but need to keep it neat for school. Take two sections of hair from either side of the head, gathered above the ear. Section one piece with a clip while you twist the other side towards the head and secure it with a pic. Do the same with the second piece. Take both pieces and secure with an elastic at the nape of the neck.

Image: Babes in Hairland

babes in hairland

Above are 5 Easy Hairstyles for Girls for School, the internet truly is a bountiful resource. There are limitless Youtube tutorials, images on Pinterest and bloggers to give you endless ideas. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, take a look at these amazing hairstyles below. You can follow this creative Mum of twins on Instagram for inspiration @jehat.

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What are your top easy hairstyles for Back To School? 

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