5 apps that encourage your kids to go outside

Whether we like it or not, kids are growing up surrounded by technology. They depend on it for entertainment, education, and social interaction. It might seem we have to beg them to spend time outdoors.

You know what they say about your enemies: if you can’t beat them, join them. So we’ve put together a list of apps which aim to incorporate the real-life world with this ever-growing virtual one. Perfect for when you want to convince your children to play outside!



Age: 4+

Available for IOS

App 1

This app is the perfect combination of book-reading and outdoor activity. Kids will love going around and taking pictures of different scenarios from the app to create a story they can then read or share with the rest of the family. It creates an experience that the family can enjoy together, something we can’t always say about technology! Not only will they be exploring outside, but they’ll also be learning how they can take scenes to form the structure of a story. 

Plum’s Photo Hunt


Age: 6-8

Available for IOS

App 2

If you want to convince the kids to go outside, send them out on a photo mission. An alien named Plum, from planet Blorb, sends kids on missions to photograph cool things they find in nature. Kids can include different characters in the pictures and send their photos to be posted on the PBS Kids’ Plum Landing website. The app has taken precautions to make it safe for kids, instructing them to ask a parent’s permission before they go on their hunt.

The Night Sky


Age: All ages

Available for IOS, Android and Kindle Fire from Amazon.

App 3

If you have a space lover at home, he or she will love The Night Sky app. It makes astronomy accessible for anyone by using geo-tracking to show you the stars and constellations above your head. To better aid stargazers, it can easily answer any basic questions about the night sky.

DIY: Skills for Kids


Age: 8+

Available for IOS

App 4

While this app isn’t focused on getting kids outside, it’s a great way for kids to get their creative juices flowing. Both the website and the app are made for kids who want to learn DIY skills; they can browse interesting projects, with plenty of outdoorsy options. Kids can take images of their projects and post them on the site. For every three projects posted in a specific area or unique skill, kids get patches that are posted at the top of their account page. Parents receive notices from DIY about anything their kids have posted to the site.

Wild Time


Ages: 5+

Available for IOS and Android

App 5

Their slogan is “swap screen time for Wild Time.” This app contains goofy and fun game ideas for kids to play outdoors. From smell collecting to throwing a bird dinner party, your kids will have plenty to do. Because all activities are categorised, it makes planning for fun easy.