4th of July Activities for the Kids

4th of July is around the corner and what better way to commemorate this day with the kids than with some patriotic activities! Celebrate family, community and everything that unites us with these fun crafts and games.

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Bake red, white and blue treats

Apart from being yummy, food is a great way to bring us together. Take this opportunity to get the kids together and make patriotic treats. What about a brownie pizza with cream cheese frosting, strawberry and blueberry toppings? Or healthy yogurt pops for the perfect patriotic summer treat? You can even bake sugar cookies and decorate them to look like American flags! All you need is red, white and blue sprinkles, food coloring and toppings to make any treat the star of your celebration. The most important thing is to do it together!

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If you’re wondering how to keep the kids entertained during the celebration, this one’s for you. Set up a crafting station where kids can build and decorate their own hats. Use disposable cups, plates and elastic string, along with colored sparkles, glue, pom-poms, and anything you can think of to help them decorate their creations. Help them with securing the elastic string on their hats with tape.  

For some ready-made 4th July fun, download Stuck on You’s 4th July printables here!

Make their own confetti poppers

Not only will they have fun making them, but they’ll love having their personal “fireworks” when the real ones come on! All you need is to cut 2 ½ to 3 inches of the top of a plastic bottle, cover the cut edge with tape, and stretch the mouth of a balloon over the bottleneck. Buy bags of confetti or make your own by cutting paper into small pieces. Fill the popper with the confetti, hold the balloon down at bottleneck while you pull down on the other end, and let it snap for a shower of festivity!


Pie-eating contest

Pie is an American staple. We can imagine it sitting by the window, its sweet smell calling us back home. Another American staple? Pie-eating contests! You can either make the pies or buy them, but we suggest trying mini-pies so that the fun isn’t interrupted by tummy aches. Whoever finishes the pie first is the winner.

Play capture the flag

There’s nothing like traditions to celebrate your country’s birthday. After all that pie-eating, a capture-the-flag game is a wonderful way of getting the kids active. Adults can join in the fun too! One team should have a blue flag, while the other team has a red one. They can symbolize the British and American armies if you want to throw in a history lesson!  Here’s more information on the rules of capture the flag game.  

Children on Fourth of July or Memorial Day


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