25 twists on the traditional lolly bag

Alternatives to Party Lolly Bags

We’ve scoured the web for our favourite alternatives to traditional (and slightly tummy-ache inducing) lolly bags. Oh, and by “lolly bag” we mean those goodie bags or party bags that kids get to take home after the big event. Of course, you could always just send them home with a piece of cake and a wave, but where’s the fun in that!

Don’t forget to stock up on our Write-On Labels so you can personalise your bags or bundles with each child’s name.

1. Crafty Crayons
Tie a bundle of crayons to the bottom of a helium balloon with a colourful ribbon. The crayons act as a paperweight and could be kept by the door for collection on the way out.

2. T-shirt Takeaway:
Buy a bulk order of cheap, plain white T-shirts and some fabric markers or fabric paint. One of the birthday party activities could be allowing the kids to decorate their own T-shirt to take home.

3. T-shirt Takeaway #2
Same as above, but collect all the decorated T-shirts and fold them up into a basket. Kids can choose a random T-shirt to take home at the end of the party. Tell them not to open it up until they are home for a special surprise.

4. Toddlers and Tiaras:
Decorate your own paper crown. Check the party supplies store for blank crowns, or simply purchase some glittery tiaras and allow the girls to stick ribbons, feathers and sequins to it during the party.

5. Tea Time Treats

Image: Vintage Cup
Image: Vintage Cup

Hit the op-shops or discount shops for teacups, the more colourful the better and they don’t even need to match. Children can choose one on arrival, and drink from it during the course of the party then take it home as a souvenir.

6. Gift Card Goody Bag
Each child receives a $5 iTunes voucher, or voucher to an appropriate store such as Kmart or Target. Make sure you place inside a card with a lovely note to add a personal touch.

7. Little Chefs
Buy some packet cupcake mixture and separate it into little homemade bags. Print out the instructions (don’t forget to halve the amounts if you’ve separated your packet mix into two bags!) and decorate the paper bags before the party.

8. Stuck On You
Sheets of stickers, bundled together and tied with ribbon. Put them in a box and do a Lucky Dip at the end of the party so each child gets a surprise.

9. Take Note
If your child is only having a few guests, why not order each child a personalised item of stationery from our new range?

10. Sweety Treaty

Image: Gift Hamperz
Image: Gift Hamperz

Mason jar filled with jellybeans, M&Ms, Skittles or other colourful sweet treats (make sure you only buy small jars!). Decorate with ribbons and stickers for each child.

11. Hula Happiness:
Hula-hoops can be found at most discount stores. Ask each child to choose one at the beginning of the party, and use it for activities like “Who can hula hoop for the longest?” and Musical Hoops etc. They can take theirs home at the end, or swap with a friend.

12. Bubble Bags
Fill individual bags with bottles of bubbles. Party shops always have a bounty of different bubbles to choose from.

13. Bath Time Bags
Purchase a bunch of lovely smelling bath bombs and wrap in a ribbon. Alternatively, place inside a clear plastic bag with sprigs of lavender or other herbs.

14. Have A Ball
Head to your local discount store and buy a bunch of different balls. Each child can take one home at the end of the party.

15. Playdough Playtime

Image: One Handed Cooks
Image: One Handed Cooks

Small, individual tubs of playdough (either homemade or bought to save time) can be bundled together with individual play dough cutters. Buy these in a packet and separate out to save money. Decorate each tub with stickers.

16. Colour Me Happy
Colouring book and packet of crayons or pencils. So simple, yet this is always guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face.

17. Hair Affair
This one’s for the girls. Purchase some cute plastic cups and fill them with clips, ribbons and hair ties.

18. Set The Table
Buy each child a colourful placemat to take home as a souvenir. Roll up and secure with a ribbon, then each child can choose one at random as they leave.

19. Grow-Your-Own Goody Bag

Image: Sea and Asters c/o Etsy
Image: Sea and Asters c/o Etsy

A packet of seeds or a bulb that the child can take home to plant. Or buy a tiny planter and pop a small succulent in there.

20. Plates For Mates
Combine a party activity with your take-home gift. Purchase some cheap china plates and paint pens (available at most craft stores). Children can decorate their own plates at the party, and you can bake it for them (to set the paint) or send it home to be baked later.

21. Fruity Fun
Full your lolly bags with dried fruit such as apricots, banana chips, cranberries, strawberries and yogurt-covered sultanas.

22. Chalk It Up
Small blackboards and a packet of chalk will keep kids entertained for hours.

23. Cookie Monsters
Give each child a cookie and some decorating supplies such as sprinkles, icing pens and edible glitter

24. Sleepover Packs
Give each child a little bag containing a travel-sized tube of toothpaste, a face washer, bubble bath, a comb and a colourful toothbrush.

25. Picture This
Snap some pics on your phone throughout the party, making sure you get a group shot and one of each child with the birthday boy/girl. Sneak off and print the photos from your computer, then hand them to each child on the way out. If you don’t have a computer you could simply email it to each child’s parents.

Feature image: Fresh Photography

Posted by: Carrie Felton

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