2019’s Top 4 Interior Design Trends for Creating Your Delightful Home

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When it comes time to select new home furnishings and accessories, you have countless options available. It isn’t a simple matter to assemble a grouping of pieces that will work well together in the space you have.

It’s even more challenging if you hope those pieces will also work to create exactly the mood and style you desire for your home. Often, it turns out that trendy furnishings aren’t quite the right pieces you need for creating a delightful home environment. On the other hand, there are plenty of trendy designs that would be effective for expressing your personality and creating just the right look.

That’s what we want to examine right now. The following are our picks for the best 4 interior design trends that would be likely to work well for creating a delightful, livable home environment:

1. Stark, Empty White Space

Minimalism isn’t a brand new trend for 2019 – but lately there’s a newly developing twist on minimalist decorating that incorporates hints of the Japanese aesthetic, along with bits of Shinto spirituality and thinking.  Japanese author Marie Kondo is one of the primary driving forces behind this latest twist on the minimalism trend.

Marie achieved fame as the author of a bestselling book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her celebrity status has skyrocketed even further because Netflix has featured her techniques in a new series of films on the topic of cleaning and home organisation. Marie’s methods have helped countless people to declutter their homes, organise their lives and regain time they used to spend on managing clutter.

Numerous people have discovered their decorating style as a by-product of following Marie’s advice. There’s a logical reason this has worked so well for so many people. Many consumers in the developed world cannot find a home decorating style that works for them because they have too much stuff cluttering up their spaces. This makes it impossible to curate groupings of furnishings that define each space and express the owners’ personality. If this is your situation, consider decluttering and organising as the first steps in your journey to creating a delightful home:

  • Avoid buying new storage containers until the end of your decluttering project.
  • Purge objects that are no longer useful to you. Also get rid of things that do not evoke feelings of delight; keep only things that are useful or evoke a joyful reaction in your spirit when you interact with them.
  • Purging need not be limited to items in your garage and closets. Be sure to also rid your pantry of food that nobody in your household enjoys eating.
  • Use pretty pantry labels to organise the kitchen items you’re keeping (see pictures below).
  • Organise clothing vertically in such a way as to save space and make your wardrobe items easily visible and accessible.
  • In the bedroom, purge old, stained sheets that you aren’t using, along with any other unused linens that are just taking up space in your linen closet.
  • Disinfecting your mattress gives you a clean slate for starting fresh when you choose the bedding you want to decorate with.

Home decorating trends - pantry labelsHome decorating trends - pantry labels

Pantry labels from Stuck On You.

When you’re finished purging the items you no longer want or need from your home, then it’s time to ensure you have a suitable space for housing every object you’ve decided to keep. At that point, it’s OK to buy storage containers if you truly need them. For example, your pencils should all be neatly organised in cups, pencil cases, pouches or bins rather than strewn about your desk.

Some people find that this decluttering phase is the only step they need to take. After they’ve completed this step, a unique and lovely decorating style magically emerges from where the clutter used to be, seemingly all on its own. This is a likely outcome for people who had too many decorative items to start with. In cases where mismatched home furnishings are all competing for attention in one’s home, getting rid of some of them can help to create a more focused and interesting space.

This outcome is less likely for you if you did not already own sufficient quantities of furniture and home accessories to start with. For example, if you’re a recent university graduate, purging your old papers and textbooks is helpful for starting your decorating adventure with a clean slate; yet it cannot make up for not owning furnishings at all if you never bought any. If that’s your situation, the rest of the home design trends on this list are worth your consideration.

Home decorating trends - white decor
Photo: abraca_da / Adobe Stock

2. Living Greenery

Living green plants are the trendiest objects to decorate with in 2019. They integrate well into every room of the home. They coordinate fabulously with every style of home décor. They complement every colour scheme – especially considering you can choose to plant them in flower pots or vases that coordinate with your paint colours, draperies, cushions or linens. If you find that your home has too many voids after you’ve decluttered, plants are the ideal solution for adding visual interest back into your space.

If your home is formally decorated, you might wish to place pairs of identical plants in symmetrical balance on either sides of a door, fireplace, chair, sofa or bookcase. If your decorating style is more casual, consider placing odd numbers of plants in groupings at different heights – perhaps one on the floor, one on a nearby table and one on a shelf or hanging from a hook on the ceiling.

3. Curved Sofas

For the past decade, boxy, linear sofas were one of the top decorating trends. Plenty of people are still decorating with this style; we don’t see it vanishing in 2019. However, curvy lines are the new up-and-coming furniture trend. This trend will most likely not hit its peak until sometime in the 2020s. But if you’re ready to buy a new sofa, you might want to be an early adopter of the trend; this is worth considering, as it will allow you to maximise the lifespan and use you get from the sofa you buy.

Curved lines are pleasing for sofas of any size, from love seats to giant sectionals. See some delightful examples here.

Home decorating trends - curved sofa
Photo: Robert Kneschke / Adobe Stock

4. Sectional Sofas

Speaking of sectionals, interest in them has been trending ever upwards in the recent past. There are several fantastic reasons for this. A sectional can take the stress out of putting together a matching living room suite; instead of feeling insecure about your abilities to coordinate a hodgepodge of different seating units, you simply choose one no-fuss sectional, pick a few accessories that match it, and you’re finished. Plus the sectional provides a comfortable and cohesive place for friends and family to gather.

You can opt for a curved sectional, as we suggested above; or you can go with a sectional featuring boxier lines.

You have zillions of other available options for home furnishings. But, after having considered bunches of the other current home design trends, we think these are the ones that are likeliest to be useful to you for creating a truly delightful home environment. Best wishes for designing a space you’ll enjoy and adore.

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