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10 Personalized Products for Camp | Stuck on You

Whether it is sleepaway camp or day camp, labeling your kids gear is an essential part of camp preparation. At Stuck on You we know how much peace of mind it brings parents (and camp leaders!) to know that all of their kids belongings will be returned home again. We believe that EVERYTHING can go to camp with your child’s name on it from their Backpack to their favourite shoes. Here is our list of 10 Personalized Products for camp:

1. Awesome Pack

Save yourself time and money with the Stuck on You ® Awesome Camp Pack. This camp pack was put together with parents in mind, it has everything you need for labeling your kids’ belongings as you pack them for day camp or sleepaway camp. Each pack contains:

  • 26 Classic Medium Iron on Clothing Labels
  • 26 Classic Medium Name Labels
  • 30 Classic Small Labels
  • 52 Classic Address Labels
  • 1 Classic Button Bag Tag

Tip: “I pack 3 or 4 stamped envelopes with Address Labels on the front so my kids just have to write the letter and hand it to their camp leader. I love receiving these while they are away and keep them all in a special book that I will give back to them one day.”  Heather, Owego, NY

Kids Camp Labels From Stuck on You – Awesome Pack

2. Super Camp Pack 

This is a great pack for kids heading off to sleepaway camps throughout the holidays. A bunch of labels for clothing and belongings and a Personalized Bag Tag. Add your child’s name and choose colors, fonts and icons to personalize your labels and choose your design for the Personalized Camp Postcards. Here’s what you get:

  • 26 Classic Medium Name Labels
  • 30 Classic Small Iron on Clothing Labels
  • 50 Classic Mini Name Labels
  • 52 Classic Address Labels
  • 1 Personalized Bag Tag
  • Pack of 15 Personalized Camp Postcards

Kids Camp Labels and Camp Postcards from Stuck on You – Super Camp Pack

3. Bag Tags 

Our Bag Tags are a great price and they are fantastic for helping your kids to spot their bag in a crowd of other bags. Choose from Kids Designer, Button Classic, Allergy, Emoji, Classic or try a Photo Bag Tag and teach your kids to spot their picture.

Tip: “I order 3 or 4 of the Personalized Bag Tags for all of my son’s separate items – Sleeping Bag cover, Backpack for day trips, his suitcase and his Sports Bag.” Tania, Orlando

Pixie Curtis (@pixiecurtis) with Stuck on You® Bag Tags

4. Personalized Lunchbox 

A Personalized Lunchbox makes the perfect little companion for kids on day camp – choose the color, font and design and add your child’s name to personalize online.

What Would Karl Do (@whatwouldkarldo) with Stuck on You ® Lunchboxes


5. Personalized Book Bags 

More than just a Library Bag, these personalized drawstring bags are very versatile making them perfect for day campers! They easily fit a towel, swimmers, googles and a change of clothes but are also great for soccer, dance, hockey or more. They come in blue, green or pink with 12 designs and 10 fonts to choose from to create a complete Personalized Kids Bag.

Personalized Kids Bags | Stuck On You

6. Personalized Drink Bottles

If your kids are going to day camp you must be sick and tired of losing Drink Bottles. With a Personalized Drink Bottle, when your kids do leave it behind, you know it will be returned. Our Drink Bottles are made from BPA free food grade stainless steel which keeps the drink nice and cool with no nasty chemicals. They hold over 16 fluid ounces and have a flip top cap and a pop up lid to prevent spills.

Personalized Drink Bottles | Stuck on You
“Each boy picked their own design, and they are all totally cute!”
Blogger East Coast Mommy review Stuck on You ® Drink Bottles

7. Labels Labels Labels

Labels are a camp essential, most camps insist that kids’ clothing, shoes, medication, electronics (if allowed) etc are labeled. It’s also a great way to encourage your kids to take care of their own belongings as they can easily identify what is theirs.

Clothing Labels – Choose from Stick on Clothing Labels (you can stick these immediately to the care tag of clothing and they will last for several washes) or use Iron On Clothing Labels for a more permanent Clothing Label.

Tip: “I use Clothing Labels for EVERYTHING – towels, inside the sleeping bag, pillow case, bed sheets, stuffed toys, favorite blanket, hats, underwear, socks…EVERYTHING. I add my cell number and know that all of their gear will (eventually) make it home.” Jenna, Annaheim, CA

Clothing Labels | Stuck on You
“Label children’s clothing with iron-on clothing labels and set out outfits for the week.”
Sandy a la Mode reviews Stuck on You ® Clothing Labels.

Name Labels – Name Labels are basically for everything else. They are both dishwasher and microwave safe and waterproof so they will stick and stay stuck to goggles, glasses, MP3 players, phones, flashlights, water bottles, lunch containers, pens, pencils, medication, sports gear, pictures from home and more. There are many sizes to choose from – Name Dots, Mini Labels or try a Value Pack to get a variety of sizes.

Amy Zempilas (@amyzempilas) with Stuck on You ® Name Labels

Shoe Labels – Shoe Labels and Shoe Dots are the perfect way to label flip flops, sneakers, slippers and wet shoes. They are water resistant and won’t fade or rub off with repeated wear.

Shoe Labels | Stuck on You
“It is as simple as peel and stick. Once applied they don’t budge.”
Twinkle in the Eye review Stuck on You ® Shoe Dots

8. Personalized Pajamas

Sending your kids off to sleep away camp? Most things can be labeled but why not try a pair of Personalized Pajamas? They are made from quality cotton and come in sizes 2, 4 and 6. There are over 10 designs, 10 fonts to play with and you can mix and match tops with bottoms.

Tip: “I let my daughter choose her own color and design, it’s like she’s designing her very own camp pajamas. It helps her get excited and prepare for the idea of sleeping over and she has a little piece of home in bed with her each night.” Stacie, Phoenix

Personalized Pajamas | Stuck on You
“Customizing was super simple other than deciding WHICH of the adorable designs to choose from!”
Ava Grace’s Closet review Stuck on You ® Personalized Pajamas

9. Camp Stationery

Our Personalized Camp Stationery includes Journals, Postcards and Game Pads, just to name a few. The Call Me Cards can be filled out with their social media details, phone number and address and then given to new friends. It’s a great way to make sure they stay in touch with their new besties until next summer! Available in a range of designs, fonts and colors, your kids will have fun creating their own Stationery online.


10. Personalized Kids Bags 

OK, we couldn’t choose just one Personalized Kids Bag so here are four that are great for camp – Large Backpack, Mini Backpack Personalized Duffel and Duffel Bag with Initials. If your kids are going to a sport or day camp a small bag is all they need for spare clothing, a hat, drink bottle and a snack. If they are going to sleep away camp they will find a Backpack useful for on the bus, day trips and somewhere to keep all of their favorite things close by.

Large Backpack

A longstanding camp favorite for Stuck on You Kids, our Large Personalized Backpacks are made from durable poly canvas. They are fully lined, have padded shoulder straps with a separate compartment inside and a front pocket. They are built to withstand the rough and tumble of life at summer camp!

Elise Raquel (@eliseraquel) with Stuck on You ® Backpacks.

Large Lunchbox

Made from durable poly canvas and fully lined, these Large Lunchboxes come in 12 adorable designs. Features like insulated lining, chunky zippers, and a separate front compartment for a snack or cold pack make these a camp favorite for kids this year.

Evie and Aria
Evie and Aria (@evie_and_aria) with Stuck on You® Personalized Large Lunchboxes.

Personalized Duffel Bag

A Duffel Bag is another cute kids bag made from quality poly canvas. It has a reinforced shoulder strap, hardy zips that are easy for little fingers to grab and a separate zippered compartment inside.

Little Liberty Rooms
Little Liberty Rooms (@littlelibertyrooms) with Stuck on You ® Duffel Bag

Personalized Products for Camp | Stuck on You

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