10 Holiday Play Ideas for Kids


10 holiday play ideas for Kids. Outdoor and indoor activities and ideas to keep them busy.

School holidays means it’s time to unplug, get creative and have fun with play ideas. For those in the northern hemisphere you’ll be enjoying some gorgeous sun, while for those in the south you’ll be facing weather that’s a little chillier. Here are our top 10 outdoor and indoor play ideas for kids to keep them entertained these holidays.


1. Visit your local park or playground
Simple, easy and local. Take a walk to your favourite park or playground and let them run wild. Don’t forget to pack a Frisbee or ball, some games, sunscreen, hats, a camera, water bottles and some tasty treats. Let them play while you sit back and read a book in the sun. Bliss!

2. Set up an obstacle course
Get creative and set up a fun obstacle course in your backyard. Make sure they complete each activity before moving onto the next and start the stopwatch to see how fast they can go! Skipping ropes, hula hoops, plastic cones and any fun objects lying about around are the perfect place to start.

3. Create a scavenger hunt
Inspire them to go on an adventure and download our free printable Scavenger Hunt for kids here. Encourage them to explore the backyard or the local park to find nature’s treasures. This fun activity inspires active learning too!

4. Get planting
Get the kids to choose their favourite vegetables and herbs and start a veggie patch! Our favourites include strawberries, tomatoes, radishes and peas – which are all easy to grow and scrumptious too. For herbs we love rosemary, basil, mint and parsley. Delicious and fun – you get to reap the benefits with fresh produce too.

Find tips and tricks for perfect flower pressing at Fine Gardening and discover how to make your own DIY Twister at Instructables.
Find tips and tricks for perfect flower pressing at Fine Gardening and discover how to make your own DIY Twister at Instructables.

5. Set up a game of DIY Twister
We love this creative idea from Instructables. If you’ve got space in your backyard, collect some spray paint (choose ground marking spray so it doesn’t damage your lovely green grass), a bucket, string and some wooden pegs. This idea is perfect for birthday parties – especially when you need ideas on how to entertain a large group of kids! Check out the full instructions here.


6. Press flowers
An old-school activity but a classic for a reason. Who doesn’t love beautiful flowers? Visit your local florist and ask them if they’ve got any old flowers that they might be soon discarding. Get the kids to choose their favourites and take them home to press between two books. You can even create your own flower press and find a detailed step-by-step over at Fine Gardening here.

Once you’ve let them dry out, create beautiful artwork from your dried and pressed flowers by sticking them to paper and framing. Easy and so gorgeous! We’re so in love with this beautiful art created by A Pair and A Spare. Check it out here.

Children's Tent by Little Gem
This gorgeous tent was styled by Tamara Taggart and Nikki Renshaw and photographed by Kyrani Kanavaros. Check out more photos at Glitter Guide.


7. Set up a tent inside (or outside and sleep under the stars)
What kid doesn’t love the excitement of enjoying their very own space away from the world? Build a fort or tent inside and decorate with paper decorations, fairy lights, blankets and cushions. You could even set up a beautiful tent outside and have a family night sleeping under the stars. How sweet is this tent from the Little Gem Woodland shoot? We wish we could jump in there right now!

8. Inspire kindness and giving with DIY gifts
Encourage your little ones to give to others and spend an afternoon making super cute DIY gifts. Our favourites? Baked goods in a jar! Get the kids to choose their favourite sweet or baked treat and set about making the mix in jars together. Finish with some ribbon and write the recipe method on the jar so the gift recipients can finish it off and enjoy! Find a delicious recipe for the Toffee Blondies by Better Homes and Gardens featured below here. Yum!

9. Get crafty!
Holidays in winter can only mean one thing – indoor crafts! It’s time to break out those coloured goodies – printed paper, scissors, glitter, string, sequins and get creative. There are so many fun DIY projects to be found on Pinterest – check out our DIY & Crafts Pinterest board here. We especially love these seriously cute pom pom fruit by Mr Printables! Find out how to create them step-by-step with your little ones here.

10. Start a gratitude journal
A gratitude journal is a beautiful habit for any child or adult. Start a family gratitude journal and get the kids to write three things they’re grateful for each night before they go to bed. This small act can inspire happiness, love and of course, thankfulness.

What are your favourite ways to keep the kids entertained during school holidays? Shout out below and let us know!