Nude food - Lunchbox Ideas

Sandwich shapes - Lunchbox Ideas

Chicken wraps - Lunchbox Ideas

Club sandwich and fun fruit - Lunchbox Ideas

Exhausted after the holidays? We thought you could use some easy lunchbox ideas and inspiration.

Nude food – Many schools have Nude Food Day or a Nude Food policy meaning no wrappers, paper or plastic so little snack-filled containers are  super easy. They are also perfect for fussy eaters, sandwich haters and grazers too.
Made with love and Flight of fancy – Just a regular sandwich made fun using a cookie cutter. Add fruit sticks and yoghurt to dip and that is one healthy snack!
All wrapped up – Leftover meat from the roast, chicken nuggets or grilled chicken schnitzel with lettuce and mayo make for an empty lunchbox at my house every time. Add some yummy bikkies and fruit pieces for a splash of colour.
Harvest lunch – A teeny club sandwich cut in two means one for snack and one for lunch. Salami, pesto, cream cheese, capsicum and lettuce or even just Vegemite and cheese wrapped in baking paper and tied up with string makes any sarni look super sweet.
Fabulously fruity – Fruit is a fun way to brighten any lunchbox and most kids at like at least a few. Try to introduce a bunch of different fruits in small pieces to help find their favourite. Use a cookie cutter to make shapes and yoghurt for dip.

We’d love to hear about your easy lunchbox ideas – share them in the comments below or tag us in your pics on instagram @stuckonyouofficial.

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