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DIY Christmas Decorations have come a long way since the paper chains we used to make when we were kids.

Thanks to creative Bloggers and Pinterest there is no shortage of inspiration to deck your halls and trim the tree. Rather than search for ideas, we have brought them all to you with our favourite 17 DIY Christmas Decorations set the scene for the festivities in your home including Christmas sounds and Christmas smells.

Last week we brought you food inspiration for Quick and Easy Christmas Food for Kids so that is Christmas just about covered!

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You



Coloured felt pom poms are on-trend at the moment and they are a lovely way to bring little pops of colour rather than the traditional red and green. Get the kids involved and mass produce some felt pom poms because they make a lovely garland too.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You



Love this idea for a minimalist Christmas Tree, you could even leave it up all year round. Don’t they look like Dr Suess-style cherry blossoms?

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


A Beautiful Mess

This DIY Christmas decoration takes a little more effort than your average paper chain but it sure looks effective. Warning: Many hours can be lost on this amazing blog, A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


The Purl Bee

Felt is the perfect material to work with, it’s easy to cut and doesn’t fray. These would also look fabulous in red or multiple colours. It’s quite an easy, mindless craft project to enjoy while you are watching TV.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You



If you have a collection of colourful papers, paint chip samples or even a stash of Christmas wrapping paper you can make this super cute garland. With a large paper hole punch you can knock them out in know time and bind them together with the sewing machine.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You



These are easy to make and are a lovely classic Christmas decoration, use them to decorate the tree or add them to your Christmas wrapping with string or twine. You can get the kids to paint them but they look pretty good white too.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


The Red Thread

If you have young kids you probably have some of these in your home next to the Beados. They come in lovely colours and make for quite beautiful Christmas decorations as a garland, standalone Christmas decorations or to liven your Christmas wrapping.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


Clean and Scentsible

It seems that string art is making a comeback with so many old school crafts. If your home has more of a rustic look to it, this is a lovely little piece for you. Check out the Clean and Scentsible blog for the template.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


Paper n Stitch Blog

Choose the words that you love or most inspire and make your own Christmas Wall Art – Let it snow, Merry Christmas,It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Find out how to do it and plenty more paper crafts on the blog, Paper n Stitch.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


Up Cycled Treasures

Made from upcycled birch wood, these ornaments add a warm winter touch to the Christmas tree. With names on painted on to them they  also make quite lovely gift tags.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You



These shiny silver bells make a lovely classic Christmas decoration. Hang them on the tree or on the front door to play a nice jingle every time someone comes to visit. Short of Christmas carols, few sounds are as Christmas-ey as jingly bells.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


How Sweet Eats

The Jingle Bells take care of the Christmas sounds but few things can trigger an emotive response as powerfully as the smell of Christmas. This stovetop potpourri will have your house smelling deliciously festive these holidays. Oranges, apple, cinnamon sticks, star anise, ginger, cardamon pods and cloves…can’t you smell it now? Get the recipe from How Sweet Eats.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


Little Things Bring Smiles

Take the kids for a walk to collect some twigs and get crafty with a hot glue gun, string, buttons and whatever strikes your fancy for a festive theme.

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Stuck on You


Offbeat and Inspired 

These colourful baubles made from recycled paper are a lovely textured decoration and can be made in colours to complement your decor. Keep them up all year round or for kids birthday parties. All you need are some styrofoam balls, an old catalog (or magazine, newspaper or fabric), a hot glue gun and some string.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


The Red Thread

If you like a fuss-free Christmas decoration, these origami geometric shapes make a lovely understated bauble. Get the template and instructions for The Red Thread.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


Creme dela Crumb

These Peppermint Chocolate Baubles are so good you can eat them. Hang one for a each member of the family on the tree and pull them down on Christmas night to enjoy a hot chocolate. They are also quite handy if a neighbour pops in and you are a gift short. Such a cute idea, you can get the recipe from Creme dela Crumb.

DIY Christmas Decorations | Stuck on You


A Beautiful Mess

So many nice Christmas words can be chosen to create your own Wooden Word Banner. Get the template for Peace from the Beautiful Mess blog. I have also seen these word banners made with sequins that looked quite fabulous if you prefer something with a bit of sparkle.

What’s your Christmas decoration style? Do you prefer a minimalist or a glittery

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